Ideas on becoming a healthcare professional

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Feelings on becoming a professional

Becoming a professional is one that evokes an array of opinions within an individual; a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction being a prime influence that is shared amongst most. Often there are many who believe that becoming a professional comes with many responsibilities; however this is not always the case. Professionals may discover that it is possible to lead a balanced and productive lifestyle. A professional can be defined as: an individual who delivers treatment, through adhering to moral and ethical values and upholding humanistic values. Within this definition, there are many categories within which a health professional may be classified. This could range from specialist physicians to dieticians, to nurses or physiotherapists who each deliver in various ways. Nevertheless, the beauty of becoming a professional is that they all uphold the universal goal of ensuring patient wellbeing and maintaining a duty of care. As a student embarking on a patient centred course, I believe that humanistic values such as honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and above all, compassion play a central role in what it means to become a professional.

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The development of particular expertise plays an integral role in becoming a professional. Furthermore, I believe that becoming a healthcare professional requires skills of acquiring knowledge and applying this to a range of situations. The ability to adapt to change is thus a quality that all professionals should develop, especially as the diversity of patients augments.  

The thought of becoming a professional can evoke an optimistic attitude and a sense of job satisfaction. For example, a survey conducted by the school of public health at Harvard University, (Anon, 2014) found that patient satisfaction, commitment levels and job satisfaction were ...

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