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Identifying Hazards in a Care Setting

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´╗┐At Ormiston House there are a number of hazards. These are hazards towards staff, residents and visitors. The hazards equipment hazards, waste hazards, environment hazards, physical hazards, security, hazards, medical hazards. These could all contribute to causing harm to a person?s health. There are a number of hazards to the residents such as: 1. Front door 2. Large grounds 3. Staff checks 4. Abuse 5. Adaptations 6. Chair lifts 7. Beds 8. Stairs The front door maybe a hazard if left unlocked/unattended as the resident may escape the building out on to the main road. If the patient had dementia then they may end up out on the main road escaping and not remembering how to cross the road so the patient may end up getting ran over which may lead to injuring themselves or the person that is in the car. Another hazard to the residents maybe that if they have not completed the correct checks, such as CRB checks on the staff, then the resident?s maybe put at risk. The residents could be at an increased risk of abuse; physically or mentally. This could cause the resident having hidden bruises resulting in lower self-confidence and this may stop them from speaking to new people. In the long run the patient may end up staying in bed all the time so they may become bed ridden. ...read more.


Stairs are a hazard to the patient as the patient maybe paralyzed and there are no rooms downstairs for the patient then they would need carrying upstairs and the staff may not be trained correctly to carry the patients down the stairs. So this could lead to bruising on the patient so then if the patient has dementia they may forget how they got the bruises an when their visitors ask they maybe come concerned and want answers from the staff, the staff member that is in charge of this patent may not be available to speak so false information may be passed on this may cause stress for the patient as they may not know how the injury has happened and they may think of ways it could of happened so they then stress about how it happed and of it was their fault or not. There are also hazards to staff such as; 1. Floor spillages 2. Abuse 3. Main roads 4. Needles 5. Medication 6. Manual handling Floor spillages can cause a hazard. This is a hazard female member of staff may end up falling over and injuring themselves and may end up putting their baby at risk. Floor spillages maybe a hazard for other members of staff as they may end up falling on the spillage on the floor and this could cause injury to the staff member which may lead to them needing time off work which they may not be able to afford. ...read more.


Infection 3. Equipment 4. residents Medicine is a hazard as if left unlocked small children may end up take them if they are in reach of the children as they may think the tablets are sweets and eat/ swallow the tablets in other cases the residents visitors maybe a ex drug addict and may then see the opportunity to get free drugs or they may sell drugs for a living and they may see drugs that they could sell. Infection is a hazard as if a resident has an infection and passes the infection to the visitor and the visitor is pregnant then they may catch the infection which may lead to complications to their unborn child/children. Also if a visitor went in to the care home ill then they may end up passing on the illness to the resident?s Equipment may be a hazard as young children may think off the equipment as toys and may break the equipment, the equipment maybe then end up breaking the equipment which maybe vital to the resident this may then mean that the patient is unable to be treated to its full potential. Residents maybe a hazard as they maybe be abusive so they may then end being abusive to other residents visitors/ young people. The visitors / young people may not understand why the patient has become abusive they may think the resident is a visitor so they may end up fighting back with the resident. ...read more.

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