Key influences on an individual's learning

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In this assignment I am going to explain key influences on the personal learning process of individuals. The key influences of learning are: health, motivation, Learning style, IT skills, Access to study centre, specific learning needs, Attitude and self discipline, Lifestyle Care responsibilities, Study space, employment.

There are many different key influences on an individual’s learning processes and each of these all have an effect on the individuals learning processes and abilities.

The first influence is called formal and informal learning. Informal learning is personal; the individual is responsible for gaining knowledge. Informal learning is forced by some else usually through a formal training programme for example a class taught by a teacher. Informal learning is where the individual intentionally gets the information for themselves via such as textbooks, the internet, media, etc.

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Formal learning is impersonal; it is planned learning that derives from activities within a structured learning setting. This structured learning setting includes the hierarchically structured school system that runs from primary school through to university and specific training for a job.

Another influence is sensory learning. There are four sensory learning styles: the first is kinaesthetic learning which is where the individual prefers to work and will work best when able to move and do things. The kinaesthetic learners are the most practical as they have to make and do to produce the work, they tend to manipulate ...

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The essay aimed to examine the influences on learning. There was an introduction which was very helpful as it allowed the reader to understand what would be covered. The types of learning have been identified, but not the influences on learning. Had there been a discussion regarding health, motivation, previous learning, the aim of the essay would have been met. What is presented here is a description of the ways people learn which does not meet the criteria for this module. There also needs to be clarity about the difference between informal and formal learning. At the end of an essay it is important to check that what was intended to be covered actually has been. Read through the essay carefully and check where the criteria/learning outcome has been covered. 2/5