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Key influences on personal learning processes

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P1- Explain key influences on personal learning processes of individuals M1- Analyse the impact of key influences on personal learning processes on your own learning D1- Evaluate how personal learning and development may benefit others This essay will be describing in detail a few of the many different influences that can and do have an effect on learning; some of these have influenced me personally. This essay is like a self analysis looking from the perspective of the learner. It will be looking at the work of some key theorists to support and back up the points. It will also discuss how others can be helped to learn and the effectiveness of doing this. Learning is a process by which we acquire knowledge, skills and an understanding of abstract concepts. You start learning from birth and the learning process continues through formal schooling and even right through to adulthood, they do say 'you learn something new every day'. In everyday life we call our learning informal. Firstly there are some main theories of learning used to understand the way in which individuals learn. From experience the best way of influencing and progressing an individual's learning is to actually know how you learn best, this will be either visually, auditory, kinaesthetically or tactilely. ...read more.


The theorist Reid 2005 supports Honey and Mumford's work by saying that...'learning styles can be a catalyst for promoting effective learning.' There are a wide range of influences on learning and it is important to know what influences your learning in order for you to progress. Every individual may have different factors influencing their learning and it is vital to understand this. The key influences on learning are- * Time * Access to books, the internet * Family * Relationships * Funding for study * Friends * Aspirations * Employment * Lifestyle * Attitude and self-discipline * Specific learning need * IT skills * Learning style * Motivation * Health * Culture * Environment And much more! A factor from this list that influences some individuals learning is the environment they are in. I am an example of this as my personal learning is affected by the environment because I have to work in environments that have adequate lighting and that are not too noisy. If it's too noisy I am easily distracted and therefore can't concentrate and I need to have a light on to stop me from getting headaches. Many people's family influence their learning because when they encourage and support the individual it makes them work hard to make them proud and when there are family problems and discomforts they feel withdrawn from work causing the opposite effect. ...read more.


To evaluate, personal learning does not only impact on you but on the others around you, be it your class mates or staff or service users in placements. If you learn or develop new skills then others will benefit from them too. For example you may figure out you are a great listener and although it is you who required the new skill it may be the service user you have been spending time with getting to know and helping that really benefits from this skill. When you expand your knowledge or learn new skills it also can affect your practice as student because you become more confident and it means you can do a lot more in the practice. The teams of people you are working with or the staff in the placements are also affected as it takes a bit of weight off their shoulders and it allows them to experience new situations. Those who are being cared for gain the best result as it gives them more time. Time to be themselves, time to meet new people. Time is the best factor you can give a service user. It also means you can pass your knowledge and skills on and share and teach them to others who may not be so developed in the same areas as you. Word count 1,286 ?? ?? ?? ?? Karlie Jane Whitmore ...read more.

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