Legislation and Policy that affects the care of children and young people.

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P2- Identify the current relevant legislation affecting the care of children and young people.

M1-Analyse how policies and procedures help children/young people and their families whilst the child is being looked after

D1 – Evaluate the legislative rights of the child/ young person and the rights of their families, bearing in mind the needs of the child/ young person are paramount.

UN convention order 1989 -  The main aim of the Order is the protection of the child and the protection of their welfare. The principles of the 1989 UN convention on the Rights of the Child for example, support the view that concerned attention should be given by families and the State to various aspects of children’s lives, including education, care, recreation, culture and health, and children’s social behaviour. The act places duty on local authority social services departments to investigate and take steps to prevent child abuse taking place. This UN Convention order makes sure the child is attending their school, being cared for, in good health and the child’s social behaviour is acceptable. This act reassures the child and their families that they are being looked after well whilst the child is being looked after. This act is good as it has the child’s well being at heart and the child’s well being should hopefully become better if the looked after child is not being looked after properly. In order to apply this act to a primary school they could use behavioural policy which promotes the child’s good behaviour through reward systems.

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Childrens Act 2004-This act is a United Kingdom act that was passed on 15th November 2004. The principles of the act was to: allow children to be healthy, allow children to remain safe in their environment, help children to enjoy life, assist children in their quest to succeed, help make a positive contribution to the lives of the children and to help achieve economic stability for our children’s futures. The idea of the Children’s act is to ensure that children between the ages of 5 and 13 are in regular attendance at school, reduce the risk of crime carried out by ...

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