Legislation, values and skills for working with children.

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E3 Describe the main legislation in your country that supports the rights of children

The main legislation that supports the children’s rights in our country is the Children Act 1989. This Act took effect on 14 October 1991; it has since made numerous vital changes to the law. Everyone working with children will have to recognize the new law. This act has been completed to bring private and public regulations together, to complete a balance among child protection, to support better relationships between parents and other agencies. Some of the main principles of the act are:

•        Where ever possible children should be brought up and cared for within their own family

•        Children should be kept informed about what happens to them, and should take part when decisions are made about their future.

•        Children and young people show be safe.

E4. Describe the recognised principles and values that underpin working with children

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One of the recognised principles that practitioners are required to have is ensuring the welfare of the child. For examples this includes treating the children fairly and to respect the child. The welfare of the child is paramount as the children and parents need to know that their child is safe. This includes preventing accidents, protecting the child from abuse and the adult remaining responsible and in control of every situation while respecting the child.

Working in partnership with parents and families is another principle/value that childcare workers need to have. This includes sharing all relevant information with parents and ...

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