M1- Discuss the characteristics and causes of one type of challenging behaviour. ADHD.

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Unit 27,m1,group3

M1- Discuss the characteristics and causes of one type of challenging behaviour.

Introduction: This assignment will be focusing on a specific type of challenging behaviour for example ADHD. I will be including my opinions on the potential factors that may be responsible for triggering ADHD.

ADHD is a common disease which is also known as ‘Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder’, it is when a user craves attention and decides to act up on it for example having random outbursts in a public area. Users who suffer from ADHD will normally get noticed at a young age because the parents would realise that they do not act like a lot of normal kids their age. People who suffer from ADHD have symptoms that can sometimes affect the user mentally and intellectually for example the user would have a lot attention duration and would easily get distracted by minor things.

ADHD is a common type of challenging behaviour that many users suffer from although it is not always simple to spot or notice from users. According to studies and professional research it is seen that boys are more likely to suffer from ADHD rather than girls; this may be because boys feel the pressure of conforming to society and trying to fit in example footballers or fashion sense. We live in a society where health organisations like schools and hospitals encourage and support parents and carers to get their children checked up for any illnesses or problems they may have just to be on the safe side.

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ADHD is a frustrating case to try and deal with especially for parents and carers who may end up feeling emotionally and physically drained. When a user is diagnosed with ADHD they seem to always want their own way, if they are not getting their own ways then tantrums & outburst may be likely to happen. Everyone is different which means everyone’s ADHD levels vary from minor to severe cases. The way a user who suffers from severe ADHD would react by tearing down things and crashing things around them. They would constantly cry, throw violent tantrums, panic attacks & ...

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