M1- Discuss the nature-nurture debate in relation to the development of an individual

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Unit 4- development through the life stages

M1- Discuss the nature-nurture debate in relation to the development of an individual

In this assignment I will be discussing the nature-nurture debate in relation to the development of an individual.

The nature vs. nurture debate has been around for many centuries which argues about the role of heredity and environment in human development.

Theorists have argued that all humans are born with instincts which we have throughout life. However, other theorists have argued that the way we have been brought up, the culture and environment around us are extremely influential in what defines our personality traits and characteristics.

In the diagram below I have tried to separate and show the differences as to what nature and nurture is.

Story of individual and analysis.


Physical development

Throughout Shakz’s life, he has experienced a variety of genetic and environmental influences.

As a child, his mother used to drop him off to his primary school. Shakz has dark brown curly tufts of hair, blue eyes and caramel complexion, these are all several factors of nature as it is traits that have been passed down to him. His father used to take him to the park early morning, every weekend to do jogging and play a round of football. This is a nurture factor as he has been taught to play football. However, this factor can also be of nature as he comes from an athletic and energetic family, he may have inherited the genes for being an athletic individual.

Intellectual development

Shakzis a model student and has acquired knowledge and information very quickly from his teachers. Through school, teachers, peers and homework he has been taught a variety of things which are essential for day to day in life. These are all nurture factorsas he is going to school where he is taught these essentials to carry on with life. Conversely, his mother is clever and also learns quickly this factor can be inherited from his mother and not just learnt.

Emotional development

As a child Shakz was very happy as he was a popular and his parents praised him every time he did something positive, like, getting good grades, helping other people and volunteering around the community. These are all nurture factors as his parents have taught him and grown him up to be a positive member of the society and a good person. Nonetheless, this factor can be of nature as his parents were good individuals with a positive outlook towards life, this could’ve have been passed down to Shakz.

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Social development

Shakz has learnt to socialise and interact with other children. At his lunch breaks, he used to play football or play ‘tag’ with the boys in his class. Shakz has been taught these things which means that this is a quality’s of nurture, as these things that have been learnt from peers and taught by teachers.


Physical development

Shakz is now well over 6ft and has a built, muscular body. His father and his father’s brothers are all tall and muscular. However, he also smokes cigarettes which I believe is a genetic influence ...

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