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Nursing Philosophy

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I believe that nursing is the art of sharing and caring for all ill people. To provide nursing to somebody is to give wholeheartedly and without a selfish reason. I also believe that it is a call one must initially have to want to help others. ...read more.


I believe in the holistic part of nursing. I believe that every individual must meet their most special needs as a whole individual. To me it is very important to be give culturally sensitive care. I believe that by accepting and acknowledging diversity nursing becomes stronger. ...read more.


I believe in the continuity of education for professional growth, competence, and critical thinking. I believe in therapeutic communication to be the key to open respectful interpersonal relationships. I believe in listening by understanding and allowing patient healing. I believe in the nursing process to meet the patients needs. I believe in today's nursing by adapting to the changes in this profession to meet the needs of our society. ...read more.

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