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Obesity is also a serious problem that is on the rise. It place those who are obese at increased risk for a number of medical problems,

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´╗┐Ever since the beginning of time for mankind, we, human beings have been putting food into our mouth, chewing it and swallowing it ? EATING. Eating is a daily routine which every human being has to go through in order to survive. It is through eating food that the human body is able to gain nutrition and energy for it to perform daily activities. After air and water, food is the next essential substance for human beings to survive. However, due to the advance development in the food industry, food comes in numerous texture, taste and aroma. Consequently, food no longer serves as a need for mankind but as a want. As a result, human beings overwhelmed by unnecessary gluttony, they over indulge and over consume food which leads to a health problem that is currently a serious issue to every country ? OBESITY. Obesity is a common health problem. The criteria for obesity vary considerably. One simple, intermediate criterion is to classify people as obese if their weight exceeds their ideal body weight by 20% (Weiten & Lloyd, 2003). Obesity is also a serious problem that is on the rise. ...read more.


On a US feedlot, it can take about 6kilos of grain to produce 1 kilo of beef, plus thousands of liters of water. (Schuman, 2011) Thus, relating overeating to a high amount of carbon footprint. Besides that, overeating is also costing one a hefty sum of money to pay for their bill. Today, food prices are near historic highs, driven upward by a forever growing, always hungrier population (Schuman, 2011). Globally, food costs 39% more today than just a year ago, according to UN?s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAD). Marditech Corporation Sdn. Bhd. group CEO Anas Ahmad Nasarudin said an investigation by the body showed that the price of meat had increased by 7.6%, milk and eggs by 7.9%, vegetables by 11.4%, jam and sweetened products by 10.9%, fruits by 6.8% and fish by 3.8%. Marditech consultant Ahmad Zamzam Mohamed said that Malaysia was already in a food crisis and Malaysians would have to change their eating habits to lessen its impact. ?The Government has been shielding Malaysians from the real impact of the crisis with various subsidies,? he said, adding that they would soon face the reality as these were being slowly removed. ...read more.


Menus are written in a much too seductive style. If social obligations require one to eat out, go to a restaurant that is the least favourite. When in restaurants, do not linger over the menu, and do not gawk at the food on the other tables. This is because human beings like to compare. If one sees that others are eating good food, one will also want to eat the similar good or better food. Again, avoid driving down streets and going to shopping centers that are loaded with alluring fast-food enterprises. In general to control the antecedents of overeating, try to avoid boredom. Keep one busy. Try to avoid excessive sleep loss and fatigue. The reason is because one?s self-control diminishes when you are tired. And last but not least, avoid excessive fasting. Skipping meals often leads to overeating later as in one?s mindset wants to eat back what the body lost earlier. To sum up, if overeating is an evil, starving is equally bad because the body do not get the necessary food for their efficacy. Thus, providing enough food for the nation is every government?s concern and all its economic machinery must be geared to that end. Dietary and nutrition education should be taught to everyone if people are to be saved from overeating. For a better tomorrow, everyone should eat right to a healthier lifestyle. ...read more.

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