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P1: Describe key aspects of public health in the UK

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P1: Describe key aspects of public health in the UK Public health is 'the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organised efforts of society'. The public health definition was written by Sir Donald Acheson, in 1988 to focus on modern public health; to collect responsibility for health and on prevention. The multi-disciplinary approach emphasises partnership with the people who are being served. Monitoring the health status of the population means that the government will keep track of the health in the UK population and also announce any problem with public health. ...read more.


For example once the trends and patterns of Chlamydia are seen, the government would have to see what type of service is needed such as clinics and walk in centres. Developing programmes to reduce risk and screen for disease early on is a service which indentifies people who are more likely to develop and are at risk of getting ill and finding ways of reducing the risk by introducing programmes. For example people who have been in s****l contracted an infection or disease should be aware that they can be tested of how far its gone and how it can be treated. ...read more.


For example advertising what STIs and STDs are and making people aware of the problems and where they can go for advice and treatment. Planning and evaluating the provision of health and social care is looking into health services and seeing if they whether or not they have an impact on the problem. For example if the health service which provides the HPV injection for people, and they notice that people who have had the injection still manage to contract the disease, the injection will have to evaluated to make it more affective so that it is worth have the injection. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bernie Barbara Agyemang ...read more.

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