P1- Explain how the application of relevant principles and values will enable professionals to provide holistic support for individuals who use social services.

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Unit 9, p1, Kinga Boguszko

P1- Explain how the application of relevant principles and values will enable professionals to provide holistic support for individuals who use social services.

Within this assignment I shall be describing how professionals can provide holistic care to users while taking into consideration the principles & values of an individual.  I will be referring to a case study which involves 30 year old Katie who has the mental age of a 6 year old.

Principles & Values

Empowerment of individuals-In order to empower Katie the service provider can reinforce the different activities that are available at the care setting for Katie to pick. By giving Katie a choice of activities to choose from gives Katie a sense of importance and consideration because it shows that the service provider is considering letting Katie do what she would like. Katie is 30 years old & suffers from a mental health illness which makes her think and act likes 6 years old child. In order to meet her needs adequately and allow her to feel comfortable in that environment with the other service users; Katie should have a say and choice in what she may like to eat on a daily basis. The service provider can help to communicate with what she would like to eat by using pictures or word games that show what she wants. Another way the service provider can meet Katie’s needs is by improving communication, they can do this by hiring an advocate to prevent a barrier in communication. The care worker alongside the advocate can take time to interact and discuss ideas and thoughts with Katie for example discuss a food plan menu that Katie may like to taste.

Promotion of choice/rights; preferences- The service provider can use many ways to promote and encourage Katie to put her choice forward in what she would like to do during her time in the care home. The service provider can use methods like circle time with the other users to have a session of what they like and dislike; and later implement those suggestions & preferences to the care homes times. Another method the service provider can use to meet the Katie’s needs is to communicate with her on a one to one session. The care worker needs to take into consideration Katie’s limited vocabulary and comprehension ability. The care worker could use activities like throwing a soft ball at Katie to show that it is her turn to speak and share her opinions of thoughts of new games or food preferences. The case study shows that Katie loves cars and loves to ride cars; the service provider can perhaps take her on a road trip as a sign of praise. The care worker can ask Katie open questions instead of closed to give her time to explain & discuss what she would like to do.

Involvement of individuals in planning their support-

Respect for religious beliefs- Every human being is entitled to their own personal belief and opinions & can express their views openly without the fear of being abused or judged by other individuals. Katie has the freedom of expression that she isentitledto act on freely, the care worker can respect Katie’s beliefs by perhaps organising a separate private room in the setting where Katie can perform her prayers or spiritual beliefs in private.  The case study states that Katie is a practicing Jehovah’s Witness. It is essential that the care worker performs his role correctly by accepting whatever actions or events Katie wishes to follow that may be seen as essential to follow in her religion. The care worker could perhaps organise a day in the week to take Katie to visit a church and complete her ceremony procedures freely, this is effective as it will make Katie feel like she is important and her beliefs are taken seriously. As Katie has trouble comprehending sentences properly with other people, the care worker can use activities like picture cards, if Katie feels like she wants to perform her religious duties she can flash perhaps a picture card of someone praying. This is effective as it is automatically alerting the care worker that Katie needs her individual time & space with her god.

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Values& morals- In order to respect and implement Katie’s values and morals properly the care worker can allow Katie to wear what she desires. By allowing Katie to dress the way she likes shows the promotion of choice as well as making Katie feel comfortable and at ease in her own skin. Moreover another way that the service provider can respect Katie’s values & morals is to support and encourage her to speak in a language or a lingo that she would like, because Katie has difficulty in expressing herself so it is essential that however Katie chooses to express ...

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