p1: explain the purpose and role of research for the health and social care sector

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P1: Explain the purpose and role of research for the health and social care sectors.

Research is an intellectual investigation to get a greater knowledge or understanding of events, behaviours and theories. Research is very active and systematic process of inquiry aimed at revising, discovering and interpreting facts and also for law establishment and theories.

Many organisations have research as an essential tool, though it is exceptional in the health and social care industry. Research in health and social care is for:

  • Demographic. Prior to planning the delivery of services. Establishing population patterns and statistics.
  • Epidemiology. Exploring patterns of disease.
  • Quality assurance. Feedback from service user about service.
  • Hypothesis. Exploring theories.
  • Knowledge. To extend understanding of theories
  • Reviewing and monitoring changes in practice.

When health and social care practitioners are planning a new service they need to do research which focuses on the demographic data such as: population size, age, gender etc. This is so the practitioners can predict and plan for the future.

Epidemiology investigates the cause, prevalence and spread of disease. Therefore the feedback from this research is very important and it is to help develop strategies to prevent and treat diseases. An example of this research is the United Kingdom Childhood Cancer study which started in 1990 and published early findings in 2000. The above shows how important research is for the health and social care industry.

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Obtaining feedback on the services is also important this is to use research strategies to find out how effective the service is and if it meets quality standards. This is so the practitioners can be given feedback on their service so they can improve their standards of care.

Hypothesis is an idea or theory that can be proved or rejected by research. Statements that are made can be investigated to provide evidence that either supports the hypothesis or rejects it. So statements can be made statistics if appropriate. For example elderly people who live alone are lonely. This hypothesis will ...

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