P1 & M1 - Communication In A Scientfic Workplace

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Communication between Staff

When working as a Quality Control technician having good Communication between staff is important because if equipment breaks or you test the product/service and it is not up to the set standard you should be able to contact someone to have the appropriate action taken place. This means you need to be social and talk to others as well as have access to a work email account with the appropriate email address stored.

To Inform staff of any issues that may or have occurred during the production line.

Maintaining equipment

When working as a Quality Control technician Maintaining equipment is important because you need to make sure when checking the quality the equipment is correctly calibrated and had it recorded in a logbook for legal reasons. You also need to make sure before you use the equipment you’re trained correctly to use it. If you’re a school based technician then make sure it is PAT tested to eliminate chances of it hurting students. Make sure you know how to report breakages so it is repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

You need to maintain equipment to make sure it is reporting the correct measurements.

Health and safety

When working as a Quality Control technician Health and Safety is important because if there is an emergency drill you need to know what and how to respond. This can be dealt by making sure the staff are trained and have a document with the procedures on it. It’s also important to know what is and be wearing the correct protective clothing such as coat, googles, gloves etc. You as well as your company/organisation need to know yours and other’s allergies. Electrical devices at work or being brought in need to be PAT tested to be sure there safe.

To ensure staff don’t become ill due to their work or get put in danger.
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When working as a Quality Control technician having the correct Training is important because depending on what is being tested could involve handling all types of waste such as but not limited to:

* Chemical

* Radioactive

* Asbestos

* Mercury

* Medical

Also you must be given and know the emergency instructions along with a dummy drill. The employer should also give you a copy of rules and regulations which you should read and sign to make sure you know what should be carried out. Keep all records and ...

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