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P1/M1/D1- Factors that impact upon my learning and development.

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´╗┐Unit 6: Personal and Professional Development P1/M1/D1- Factors that impact upon my learning and development. P1: Learning can be defined as "The acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, practice, or study, or by being taught." (wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn, accessed March 23rd 2012) You start learning from birth and the learning process continues through formal schooling and even right through to adulthood There are however many things that can influence an individual's personal learning process, these can include the following: - Different learning styles - Time - Access to resources - Learning environment - Motivation - Responsibilities There are two main theories that are used when explaining the way an individual learns. These two theories are ?Honey and Mumford?s learning styles theory (1985)? and ?Kolb?s experiential learning cycle (1984)?. Honey and Mumford?s theory states that all individuals have a specific learning style adapted to their nature, they state everyone is either an activist, reflector, theorist or a pragmatist. An activist can be defined as an individual who enjoys getting involved, likes new ideas and likes to dominate. There are both preferred and less favourable learning situations for this type of learner, less favourable situations such as working to the rules would be a factor that would impact negatively on this type of individual's learning style. It is a factor that could affect how well an individual is able to concentrate in that type of learning environment. Reflectors are known to have characteristics such as preferring to observe from the edge of the group and letting others contribute before they do, they are known to be more observers than participators. A factor that could affect their type of learning would be having to take a lead of other people or a group or feeling rushed or pressured by deadlines. These types of situations are unnerving for ?reflectors? and is more difficult for them to learn efficiently in those types of surroundings which in turn would affect their learning process. ...read more.


replying on you financially or emotionally would prioritise your time to them first and your learning second, this would affect your learning as you could fall behind or be unable to complete and keep up with the workload as well as handle your other responsibilities. M1: The factors mentioned above can relate to many individuals and affect their personal learning progress. These factors have also had an impact on my learning process in many ways both positively and negatively. After researching the learning theories in more detail, I was able to come to the conclusion in terms of ?Honey and Mumford?s learning styles theory? I would label myself as an activist. This means that my strengths include being open-minded, happy to be exposed to new situations and unlikely to resist change. These characteristics would influence my learning process positively. I would be able to easily adapt to new situations and be constantly willing to experiment and try new things. However there are also weaknesses that come along with being an activist, including the inability to think of a plan of action and to rush into immediate obvious action, also being impatient and not being able to go through an implementation process without getting easily bored. This would affect me negatively as in the Health and Social Care course I am doing it is important to make good decisions based on evidence and back up from a reliable source before carrying out any type of action. (Class notes, 28th April 2012) Time is a factor that would affect me personally because I enjoy to keep myself busy, due to this I currently hold 2 part time jobs, where I work before and after college during my free time. For this reason it is difficult for me to sometimes find enough time to complete all college work on time and to my highest standard possible, and this leads to me cutting down on the hours of sleep i get each night, by completing work into the early hours of the morning. ...read more.


Sharing my computer skills and knowledge could also benefit my peers so that they too are able to produce assignments and work to a higher standard that they are happy with. Also so that they are able to complete all tasks given to them and not confused on what to do because it is sometimes the case that not all assignments are basic word document required essays, and sometimes require more skill and knowledge of computers and computer systems. Motivation is something that is very important to me and I feel it is necessary to help any individual, whether it be a work colleague, friend or peer who may have a lack of motivation with regards to their personal learning. I believe this would benefit other individuals to help them decide what it is they want to achieve, and what is required of them in order to get there. For example helping my peers who may find it difficult finding the motivation to complete all work on time and to a high standard would be helpful for both myself and the person receiving the help, as I would be exercising my skills to enhance and improve them even more, whilst also helping out somebody who needs it, and the receiving individual would benefit if likewise if my development has helped them also develop and influence their personal learning. My developement in terms of work, work experience and part time jobs, I would be able to use to help others who may need the advice on how try and what to do if they are looking to get experience in a certain business sector. This can apply to and benefit all types of people from friends, family, colleagues who may be looking to change jobs and peers who may also be looking for some part type work whilst they study. As I am already currently working I would be able to advise others that are the same age as me, on what they should try and do to get a higher chance of getting employed. ...read more.

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