P2 Describe how key legislation in relation to Health, Safety and Security influences health and social delivery

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National Diploma Health and Social Care in Health Studies

Unit 3 Health, Safety and Security in Health and Social Care

Teacher: Jeanette Salt

Sarah-Jane Burke

P2 Describe how key legislation in relation to Health, Safety and Security influences health and social delivery

P3 Using examples from work experience describe how policies and procedures promote health, safety and security in the health and social care workplace

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 or HASAW

All care settings have statutory responsibilities for providing a safe and healthy working condition to its employees. Training and supervision will be given to employees to ensure their working practices are safe to themselves and others. Also, the care setting has a duty to make sure that members of public are not put at risk. It also needs to have risks assessment, policies and procedures on how to promote health and safety. Policies and procedures differ at each care setting as they are personally devised for their setting.

All workplace must control the risk of fire and conduct fire drills, as well as risk assessments on the likelihood of fire. They must also provide information, instruction and training to employees. This policy helps the staff and patients to act correctly and promptly if a fire should occur.

The hospital should provide and maintain an accident book, provide a first aid kit and assistance to all employees, patients and visitors. All work places have a legal requirement to provide adequate equipment, facilitates and personnel to ensure first aid can be given to an employee if they become ill or injured. First Aiders must be properly trained and carry a First Aid Certificate to prove so, this would count in care setting such as care homes where there are no nurses or doctors present at all time.

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The hospital has to carry out annually inspection for all portable electrical appliances and staff are to be trained and aware of the potential risks for electrical hazards. This policy helps the employees to avoid risks associated with electricity. This can be very important policy in a hospital because if electrical equipment was not properly checked, an incident would happen when for example life saving equipment was needed to save a patient and it was faulty it could seriously harm the user as well as  resulting in the patient dying because of electrical fault.

Food Safety Act 1990 ...

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