P3 - Explain different psychological approaches to social care practice.

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Unit 8


Explain different psychological approaches to social care practice. (Using scenario three you will need to explain the value of the humanistic and cognitive approaches to health and social care service provision.)

Humanistic perspective  

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) developed hierarchy of needs as he believed we are all seeking to be the best we can be which he called the self-actualisation. There are five stages an individual needs to follow starting from the bottom up the hierarchy.

  • Basic physical needs:
  • Safety and security needs:
  • Love and emotional needs:
  • Self-esteem needs:
  • Self-actualisation:

As a social worker I have been given a patient Paul and by the information provided I feel he is lacking required needs from Maslow theory. According to B Stretch M Whitehouse BTEC health & social level 3 (2010). I feel Paul’s physical needs are not met because he carries heavy baggage everywhere he goes and he has a dishevelled look which may mean he is homeless or he is lacking stability. This is also shown in his physical appearance as he does not shave and he had a rough and scruffy look. As this could be a problem I will need to pay him a home visit to ensure he has a roof over is head and he has food and warmth as required for all individuals. If Paul does not have a stable home i will need to provide him with a home so his physical needs are met.

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Paul had a shifty look, his eye continuously darted around the room and he was clearly disturbed by loud sounds which may mean he is paranoid and lacks security and safety needs as required in Maslow theory. This can make progressing up the hierarchy difficult as he is lacking the essential needs.

This also leads to his love and emotional needs. Due to the information given Paul seems to be lonely and without any family or friends as he left his next-of-kin blank when he was filling out his application. Which could be the one of the reasons, he ...

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