P3 - Sociology in Health and Social Care

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P3 Sociology

The rate of still born babies for the lower classes are 44 for every 10,000 births, whereas there are 900 fewer each year in the higher class.  Marxism states that still birth can be caused by stress and depression.  They can both have a big impact on the health of your child as well as the environment and housing. The types of food can effect it because the more healthy your diet then the healthier your baby will be. Fast food can be brought that is not as expensive and could cause ill health of babies. When individuals live in poorer parts of the world and cannot afford the necessities that are needed in life, then they will not be healthy; indicating that their baby will not be healthy.  An individual living in an area where they have shelter, food, water, medication and can afford the necessities then they have more of a chance that their baby will not be still born.

Whilst looking at the graphs I will be looking at differences in health in age, gender, ethnicity, social class, locality, risk behaviour.  


This table shows the differences between social classes. This graph shows how the members of the higher classes are mainly living longer and enjoy better health, compared to the members of the lower social groups. The table shows the pattern of mortality for the different social classes. It shows the rates per 1000 live births. This is showing how many children die before they are one years old. The rate is higher for nearly every group for outside marriage before they are one years old.  3 per 1000 live births compared to 6 shows that Large employers and higher managerial doubles to 6.3 for the Routine Occupations. This shows that the death rate doubles from the higher classes to the lower classes. There could be many reasons for this such as the environment in which individuals live in. If an individual is lower class and is living in an area in which there is big poverty, then they could become stressed from this. They may not have enough food to live on, water or electricity to keep them warm in their houses. Everything related to poverty could affect them and their babies. The high social classes would have enough money to be able to take holidays whilst at work and relax, they would have more breaks off work so they wouldn’t become stressed and they can have a break. This is where the classes are different because each individual’s life style has a big impact on the baby because they are affected by the environment in which they live in.

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This graph shows social class. It shows that people who work in higher class jobs have a lower mortality rate; however, individuals who work in the more dangerous jobs which are at the top of the graph have a higher mortality rate. There are reasons for this such as when an individual is working in a job such as a university teacher, then they are safe. They are working inside a building and are not at harm, however if someone is a bricklayer then they are at risk of many things. They are working in the outside environment and ...

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