P4 Describe the signs and symptoms of child abuse

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National Diploma Health and Social Care in Health Studies

Unit 10 Caring for Children and Young People

Teacher: Gabi Hesk

Sarah-Jane Burke

P4 Describe the signs and symptoms of child abuse

Abuse of a child can happen anywhere and can be committed by anyone known or unknown to the child or their family. The abuse of a child can have long term damage to a child and can completely change their family. Abuse can happen in different forms such as , ,  and  of a child.  and  are also forms of child abuse.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse can come in many forms which include hitting or smacking a child, shaking a child, kicking and punching a child and also deliberately scalding a child with hot liquids and attempting to suffocate. Deliberately giving a child harmful substances, such as drugs, alcohol or poison can also be a form of abuse. A parent or carer can also be found guilty of abuse if they report non-existent symptoms of illness in a child, or deliberately causes illness in a child which is known as Munchauser’s syndrome by proxy. Munchausen syndrome is when a primary carer – usually the mother deliberately makes a child sick or convinces others that the child is sick. Making a child sick is obvious a form of physical abuse, while convincing others that the child is sick may not seem abusive; the actual medical investigations can be extremely invasive and stressful process.  Physical abuse can have a fatal result on some children such as in cases like Victoria Climbie where the child died from the result of physical abuse but in others causes it can cause damage and long lasting effects such as physical injury, brain damage, disability and long term emotional problems. A child’s health and development can also be affected by physical abuse which can have an effect on their education, social development and happiness.

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Abusers can be cunning and premeditated when it comes to physical abuse. It isn’t always easy to see physical abuse, abusers can be very knowledgeable when abusing. They will ensure not to leave markings or leave bruising where others will see them. Bruises, black eyes and broken bones are obvious signs of physical abuse. Other signs of physical abuse include:

  • Injuries that the child cannot explain or explains unconvincingly
  • Untreated or inadequately treated injuries
  • Injuries to parts of the body where accidents are unlikely, such as thighs, back, abdomen
  • Bruising which looks like hand or finger ...

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