P4-Explain how national initiatives promote anti discriminatory practice

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P4-Explain how national initiatives promote anti discriminatory practice

National initiatives can be seen as a campaign that is implemented nationally to make individuals aware of a certain issue. National initiatives usually have the support of government and other organisations that support them to make a change.

Here is an example of a national initiative

Show Racism the Red Card- This national initiative is to tackle racism with football players. Here are some examples on how they are trying to tackle racism                                They also focus on exploring stereotypes, defining racism and learning about how to deal with racism.                                                                                                                                 Show Racism the Red Card carries out teacher training so that schools and staff are fully informed about racism and can be able to deal with all the issues involving racism.                                                                                                                           Show Racism the Red Card use resources to teach people about racism for example schools get DVD packs before a visit to allow children to prepare and highlight particular subjects they wish to be covered. Other resources they use are children are given T- shirts and also take part in fitness and football sessions and prizes are then given out for enthusiasm and participation

Another national initiative is

Amnesty- this is a national initiative that was created to protect people who are being denied justice, fairness, freedom and truth. Some people may be denied these things because of the country that they are in and for example in most countries in Asia and Africa women are denied these things as they are not seen to be as important as men.

Here are some ways amnesty tries to promote anti discriminatory practise                  

 They campaign for the abolition of death penalties because Amnesty believes that it brutalises and kills innocent people that have been wrongly convicted.

Amnesty also carries out campaigns to protect Women rights because in some countries women face discrimination and violence at the hands of the government, communities and families for example in countries like South Asia, Latin America and Sub- Saharan Africa children are forced to get married as early as 14 years old.

Conventions- a convention are a set of agreed standards, norms, social norms or customs often taking the form of customs

Regulations- these are rules that have been put in place and control the conduct of whom it may concern. For example; there are some rules and regulations that are put in place in schools that are made for the students to follow and there are regulations that are put into place for the teachers to follow as well.

Legislation-Legislation is a law which has been made by a governing body in order to regulate, to authorize, to sanction, to grant, to declare or to restrict.

Below are legislation which aim to promote anti-discriminatory practice.

European convention on human rights and fundamental freedom 1950                               This is a European document relating to human rights and it is signed by all European Union governments. Some of the things this law states that are used in a health and social care are:                                                                                                                                                          

The right to life                                                                                                                                                     Right to respect for private life and family                                                                                                  Right to freedom of expression                                                                                                                                                                       Prohibition to any type of discrimination.                                                                                                                     Prohibition to any type of abuse                                                                                                                             

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 For example in a hospital every patient has the right to life and this means carers are not allowed to end an individual’s life e.g. doctors swear on the Hippocratic Oath not to end someone’s life even if they have been asked them to. Other rights a health and social care setting promotes are to let the patients express themselves for example if they are not happy with the services they have the right to complain.  

This law promotes anti discriminatory practise because if a patient was not happy with the care they were given they have the ...

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