P4 - Explain theories of ageing

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P4 - Explain theories of ageing

Social Disengagement Theory -

In 1961, Elaine Cumming and William Henry came up with the Social Disengagement theory. This theory suggests that when people reach a certain age they begin to disengage with society and withdraw themselves from social activities. It can also be seen as society's fault rather than the individual as society are more likely exclude older people and therefore older people are less likely to involve themselves in society. Cumming and William suggest that older people disengaging from society is a result of them realising that they cannot do the social activities that they did when they were younger, as they are more fragile and they may not have the energy to do them.

Older people can disengage from society for a number of different reasons for example; many young people have social media sites and can therefore catch up with friends and family especially if they don’t have enough time to go around their houses.  However older people may not know how to use technology such as the internet, mobile phones etc and consequently may not be able to see their family members or their friends as much as they would like to.  " Policy Exchange says around 40% of people aged 65 or over in the UK do not have access to the internet at home, while more than five million people have never used the internet."  .  Older people can take classes to learn how to use the new technology, as they will not have grown up with it, however a study from Oxford University shows that “Around 60 per cent of older people were ''very strongly'' concerned about spam, viruses and ''unpleasant experiences'' such as online pornography, researchers found."If older people are learning to use technology then this would allow them to communicate with their family members and maybe their friends and as a result they wouldn’t be lonely or disengaged from society

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An example of how society disengages from older people is the fact that health insurance for when people go on holiday abroad goes up, meaning older people are less likely to be able to afford to go on holiday because of how much the insurance costs.  The reason for the insurance going up for older people is because they are more likely to get ill and need medical treatment, which can be very pricey especially in foreign countries. "Older travellers can find it hard to get holiday insurance as insurers are less willing to offer cover to people above a ...

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