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Past Paper Questions June 2011 - Case studies, care for the elderly and children

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1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages to Jack of his trip to visit the library. In your answer refer to physical and psychological factors. (10 marks) First and foremost, one advantage is that Jack gets exercise despite his advanced age as he often walks about a mile from the home to the local library. This improves his health and wellbeing, making him active and fit. He also gets the autonomy, because he is given the opportunity to walk alone, without being accompanied. Furthermore, another advantage is that Jack gets stimulation, because he reads newspapers before walking back. This activity will keep him preoccupied without the feeling of getting bored. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that Jack is lacking social support, because he walks alone to the library without the assistance of a care worker. This is a dangerous risk, because Jack is not able enough to walk alone as he has got partial hearing and is often forgetful. Noticeable disadvantage is that Jack is lacking psychological security, because he gets frightened when he gets lost. This will make him feel the sense of fear and apprehension, because some elderly people do not know how to control their emotions during serious circumstances. Additionally, the disadvantage is that Jack is lacking psychical safety, because he has been exposed to excessive cold and an unpleasant situation. ...read more.


A carer might also treat a person bullying him or her. For example, a staff in a residential home might psychologically abuse the clients by using demeaning language towards them. Furthermore, a carer might treat a person badly be showing rejection towards the clients. For example, a nurse may refuse to attend to clients, because he or she does not want to accept the responsibility of caring for them. 6. Outline what is meant by informal care. Refer to the example of Julie, and to one different example (4 marks) An informal care is provided people who are not paid. This can be a family member, neighbour or friend. For example, Julie might give Marshall nutritious food and give him a bath. Another example is that a carer might visit their mother regularly at a residential home providing both social contact and stimulation. 7. Julie has a two year old daughter whose development seems to be very slow. Name one NHS service provided in Julie's home, that might be able to give her useful advice about her daughter development (1 mark) A community nurse can visit Julie at her home by giving her useful information about her daughter development. 8. Malik is not doing well at school. His parents believe he would benefit from special education provision. ...read more.


This is a fun and stimulating activity to getting Yelena involved in house chores as it will improve her confidence and skills. Dragan demonstrates approval as he calls Yelena a "good girl" when they have finished. This postulates that Dragan is praising her for good deeds. Again, labelling Yelena as a "good girl "is self-fulfilling prophecy, because it will encourage good behaviour. Dragan also uses physical contact as he gives Yelena. This shows approval and affection, which will enrich Yelena's emotional skills. Subsequently, when Yelena gets angry and frustrated, Dragan shows disengagement as he ignores her and goes to the kitchen and cooks the meal. This means that Dragan is withdrawing contact from Yelena to reduce negative feelings and behaviours. 13. Suggest three ways in which staff in a nursing home might use observation to monitor health of clients. (3 marks) Staff in a nursing home may use observation to monitor the health of clients by measuring their blood pressure and temperature. They could also monitor the weight of clients by weighing them frequently. 14. Give two ways in which care workers can create trust with their clients. (2 marks) Care workers can create trust with the clients by implementing ethical practice. For example, care workers can maintain confidentiality by preventing sensitive information from being spread. This will create trust, because clients may openly discuss their problems with care workers without any insecurity. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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