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Personal and Preoffesional Developemnt

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P1 Explain key influences on personal learning process of individuals M1 Analyse the impact of key influences on personal learning processes on own learning. In this assignment, I will be explaining the key influences on personal learning process of individual's personal learning processes. There are many different types of key influences on an individual's learning processes and each of these all have effect whether positive or negative on the individual's learning processes and abilities. I will state these influences and explain the potential affect these particular influences will have on the individual's personal learning. I will also be analyse the impact of key influences on personal learning processes on own learning. Learning is the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge and also acquisition and development of memories and behaviours, including skills, knowledge, understanding, values and wisdom. Learning is the goal of education. Theories of learning Kolb's theory suggests that during adolescences and early adulthood we begin to develop instinctive preferences as to the way in which we process information and use it to make sense of our own experience. ...read more.


Culture affects learning "According to research, culture attitudes have a big impact on pupil's attitudes to learning, the way they learn and are taught, and what they get expect of and get from their education" (www.bbc.co.uk) . Parents with higher levels of education are also more likely to believe strongly in their abilities to help their children learn, by having a great impact on the Childs learning. It influences learning because in certain culture if learning is not implemented, there is lots of pressure put onto the individual has they are expected to come out with a good grade. As result, it makes an individual to learn more in order to overcome those expectations. Reward and punishment As human beings we are very emotional toward certain situations. Our emotional state has a huge impact on our ability to learn. If we have anxiety about learning, then learning becomes a problem. The presence or absence of reward can affect learning. Reward is more effective in promoting learning than punishment. For example, if student as completed an assignment to the best quality and get praised by the teacher, it is likely for the student to repeat that performance. ...read more.


They have encouraged me to progress in towards the future and therefore the only way to achieve in life is to be a successful woman. They are highly educated people who have influenced me in both positive and negatives ways. This has really helped my ways of learning because it motivates me to learn more in life in order to become like my parents. My concrete experience has made me more confidents in how I try to learn due to my upbringing. Negatively, I try too hard to impress my parents; this affects me because I can never be myself or try to learn in my own ways. The motivations I have within me have also influenced my learning by enabling me to undertake my studies and complete the requirement of my course. However sometime I do experience negative motivation because of undesirable outcomes but I still try to overcome that barrier. Sometimes my motivation does not strike in other lessons because I might not find that lesson interesting. ?? ?? ?? ?? 4 Vanessa Addo Personal and Professional Development In Health and Social. (Unit 6) BTEC National Diploma in Health and Social Care ...read more.

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