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Personal and Proffessional Developemnt

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P2 Assess own abilities, values and beliefs at the start of the programme P3 Produce and monitor an action plan for self development of your personal goals D1 Evaluate how personal learning and development may benefit others. For these assignments, I will be at my current knowledge, skills and practise relevant to what is expected by professionals working in health and social care organisation. I will be assessing a number of areas looking at my knowledge base, my understanding of principles, theories and concepts my personal beliefs and self awareness. In P3, I will also write up my action plan for my self development and achievement of personal goals. It will include the short term and the long term goals and these will relate to SMART targets. Moreover, I will also evaluate how my personal learning and development may benefit others. By reflecting back on my own learning in order to evaluate how I could help others in my peer group and in placements to learn. Current knowledge and skills Staring this course was step forward in education. Due to the fact, that it will enable me to achieve all those goals in life. ...read more.


For example in Unit 22, I carried out a primary research to find views and opinions about animal experimentation and whether people think animals should have the right as human beings. I used both qualitative data and quantitative data. For all my assignments, involves secondary research. For example books, the internet, journals, newspapers and leaflets. However, it is important to check that all the secondary sources we use are valid and reliable. Current ability to show good practice in Health and Social Care Policies and procedures are what differentiate each workplace. Every workplace should develop and implement policies and procedures which are relevant to the individual workplace incorporating the legislation from the 2 statements. For example, a newspaper shop would have a different set of polices than a care home because there are different takes being carried out by the staff. These regulations need to be followed by every employee and employer, to promote Health, Safety and Security in Health and Social Care Workplace During my experience in all my placements, I noticed that in order to provide good quality care for clients, employee's needs to follow legislation, codes of practise and more importantly respect the care value base. ...read more.


Due to the fact that in health and social care setting, as an individual you need to give more importance to the people you work with during placements because every person we come in contact with has something to offer and from their own experiences we can also benefit form their skills. As learner, I believe that my knowledge and skills can benefit others around me. All the skills that I have learned and developed can help others when I go in to the professional world. For example the communications skills that I obtained in unit 1 will enable be to communicate with a patient in a complex situation. During, group work, I can contribute by using my skills and knowledge, which will influence their learning and will also value their own learning and strive to enhance their education. I have my own weaknesses when it comes to my personal learning and development as an individual due to the fact that can sometimes get influence by my peers in a negative way because they can destruct me from learning and make me less motivated to corporate in the subject matter, which can have poor impact on other people's learning. ?? ?? ?? ?? Personal and Professional Development Vanessa Addo in Health and Social Care. ((Unit 6) 1 BTEC National Diploma in Health and Social Care ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This essay is an analysis of skills and what is needed to develop them. The objectives that the writer has included are laid out well but they fail to really identify what skills they had and what they needed to improve.

It could be enhanced by making it into completely different sections so that the writer remained focused throughout.

3 Stars

Marked by teacher Sam Morran 24/10/2013

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