Personal Development and Reflective Learning as a health care worker

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UNIT 1: Personal Development and Reflective learning

In this assignment, i will do a CPD portfolio which includes my profile, my swot analysis, any personal and development goals together with any completed action plan. I will also be reflecting on my personal and professional development and how this has contributed to take the responsibility of others. I will also give an overall conclusion of my own experience at the end of each reflective practice.

Personal profile

My name is Mr J, am 27 years old and I live in Surrey. I worked in a care setting as a health care assistant but recently got promoted to senior carer. For me, I consider this job to be a noble one because there is nothing greater than helping people. I also regularly display initiative and I have proved myself to be flexible in all my jobs and adaptable completing all tasks whilst maintaining a cheerful outlook and a keen sense of humor. I am also enjoying the new role but there are lots of responsibilities as well. This is a brief description of my job roles:-

* Deliver direct care to clients

* Work in a multi-disciplinary team

* Participate in the implementation of care plans and therapeutic guidelines in order to enable clients to achieve maximum independence, health and self-esteem.

* Responsible for the safe handling of medicine

* Supervise staffs

* Work as a team

* Work according to the organisation`s policies and procedures

My Skills

* Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills

* Very creative

* Speak fluent English and French

* Standards of high quality in the provision of personal care to others

* The ability to work in an organised and composed manner

* Good communication and administration skills, including basic IT

* Play music like guitar and drum

Below is a table showing my strengths and weaknesses.

Swot analysis



* Honest, motivated, willingness, trustworthy and a very hard worker

* Friendly and easy to talk to

* Caring minded person and a good listener

* Enthusiastic in learning new things

* Can work under any circumstances

* Always give the best in everything

* Good team player

* Lack of work experience in medication

* Not firm enough when it comes to

* Speak too quiet

* Too lenient when it comes to supervise staffs

I have also finished the following caring courses:-

* NVQ level 4 in Health & Social Care

* GNVQ advanced level(3) in Health & Social Care
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* GNVQ intermediate level(2) in Health & Social Care

* GNVQ foundation level(1) in Health & Social Care

I am currently doing a Diploma in health and social care then topped up with a Degree and hopefully in the near future this can help me to be a Care Manager.

This is the trainings I have had so far as well:-

* Manual and handling

* First aid

* Infection control

* Dementia

* Medication

* Fire marshall

* Sova

Personal and professional development of ...

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