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Pizza Hut health Issue research

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Pizza Hut's health issues 1. Pizza Hut is using Polydimethylsiloxane as a stabilizer for cheese in its patented pizza products which is not approved for use as food additive. Polydimethysiloxane is a silicon - based chemical substance that is manufactured by Dow Chemicals and is primarily used in food - manufacturing factories as a de-foaming agent for commercial boilers. Pizza Hut claims that their silicon emulsifier is a necessary preservative and emulsifier in order to preserve their frozen pizzas. Unfortunately, silicon is not an approved substance for human consumption and neither is Polydimethylsiloxane, or formaldehyde which results as a byproduct when frozen silicone-sprayed pizza is heated. ...read more.


High levels of salt in childhood also contributed to blood pressure and risk of heart attack in later life. The government recommend a maximum of 6g of salt per day for adults, 5g a day for children aged 7-10 and 3g for children aged 4-6. The saltiest individual meals: Pizza Hut Meat Feast Italian Pizza Plus (meat feast pizza, potato wedges, cheesecake)-9.7g KFC Variety Meal (three chicken pieces, two hot wings, Colonel's Crispy Strip, regular fries, regular diet coke) - 6.3g Burger King Chicken BLT Baguette Meal (chicken BLT baguette, regular fries, regular coca cola) - 4.8g McDonald's Quarter Punder with Cheese Meal (quarter pounder burger with cheese, medium fries, medium coca cola) ...read more.


Carlo La Vecchia, a Milan-based epidemiologist said, "Pizza could simply be indicative of a lifestyle and food habits, in other words the Italian version of a Mediterranean diet." A traditional Mediterranean diet is rich in olive oil, fiber, vegetables, fruit, flour, and freshly cooked food. In contrast to the traditional Italian pizza used in the research, popular pizza varieties in many parts of the world are often loaded with high fat cheeses and fatty meats, a high intake of which can contribute to obesity, itself a risk factor for cancer. 3. Pizza Hut can also give you diarhoea probably because Pizza Hut's pizzas have a lot of grease on them and they use rich cheeses. Also, theu use thick crust which also adds to the problem. Pizza Hut has good pizzas but they can actually shock the stomach. ...read more.

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