Playwork Placement. Incident diary and reflections.

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Unit 2 Assignment

Monday 20th July:

By 9.30 the busy morning rush is mainly over, I notice one of the children new the setting standing close by, I introduce myself to 6 a year old, who is looking a bit lost as it is her first time with us, we discuss the things she likes to do, she said she would like to have a turn with the junk modelling activity we have out, so I grabbed a chair for her at the table and shown her where all the card and glue is, and introduced her to some other children at the table, and she settled well in the group.

Wednesday 22nd July

In the play ground there are some children drawing chalk pictures on the floor, there are some nice decorative pictures, but someone has drawn an intimidating picture of one of another girls at the play scheme (who was not present at the time) who has a problem with her weight, and the picture could be quite upsetting for her if she see’s it.

The children won’t admit amongst themselves who drew the picture but I told them that the picture is not nice and I’m really disappointed, I have asked them to help wash it away with some water and a rags.

Friday 24th July

At lunchtime a child approached me to tell me that somebody had put 3 toy cars down the toilet and tried to flush them with no success causing the toilet to be blocked along with tissue and urine, so I go to investigate.

Some children are building a tower with wooden blocks, they have made their structure quite large and have extended it, the only problem is that they have started to build their structure directly in front of the fire exit, which is hazardous, so I have to intervene politely and ask them to move the structure from this area and I explain that they are blocking an emergency exit which can be dangerous, the children were very understanding and were happy to move.

Monday 27th July

We have a child with special needs coming to the setting, she uses a wheelchair for some activities as she has cerebral palsy, Before the children arrive we make sure there is clear access to the setting, we move some of the tables further apart for better access. We have a ramp in the entrance, which will make things easier for her, we welcome her just like all the other children to allow her to fit in, and not feel out of place.

A parent walks towards the building I noticed she was talking to some of the children and pulled some peanuts out of the shopping bags and hands them out to the children, I had to interviene due to the allergy risk. I later apologised to the children involved in the nuts incident, as I didn’t want them to think I was just being mean to them.

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Reflective account

I think maybe an activity to show acceptance and respect would be good idea as there was a slight case of bullying with the chalk picture earlier in the week, which had the possibility of it escalating further if I hadn’t intervened in time. I could speak to the children about respecting each others differences and maybe have an ‘introduce yourself game’ so the children can get to know each other a lot better.

We could talk about respecting property in regard to the toy car in the toilet and how to behave appropriately, it ...

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