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Practical Health Lifestyle Evaluation

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Practical Health and Lifestyle Evaluation For this report the client in this lifestyle evaluation was a 20 year old of 105kg weight and is 6ft 6" tall. The main sport that client participates in is football but he is also very keen on performing cardiovascular and strength training in the gym. Pre- Test Screening Procedures First of all the client was given a health-screening questionnaire to answer, which is attached as appendix one. This questionnaire is effective as it is relatively simple and is easy to understand. It also covers a wide range of areas which then can gather more information about the client. Method For this report there were different methods used to collect the required data. To start off with the client entered their personal data into the Fitech programme. After this the client's height was measured. After this the client was weighed. After being weighed the client then had their blood pressure taken, this test also takes the clients resting heart rate. The equipment used to take the clients blood pressure was an Omron M4-1 Blood Pressure Monitor. ...read more.


The client's strength has been classed as excellent with a score of 60.6kgf; the grip test gives a useful indicator of overall body strength. The client's lung functions weren't as impressive as some of his other results. His forced vital capacity was classed as normal with a score of 5.54 litres, an expiratory volume rating of 4.09 litres which is classed as below average, an expiratory ratio rating of 74% which is below average and a peak flow rate rating of 375l/min which is classed as poor. The client's resting heart rate was 47bpm which is classed as excellent. Interpretations A persons body fat percentage can, "affect body shape and weight because muscle tissue is more compact than fat" (anon, 2007). This client's body fat percentage was at the top end of the healthy level for his s*x, age and build. To make sure that this client keeps his body fat percentage at that level or perhaps lower it by having a combination of healthy eating and regular physical activity. It is important to have a healthy diet because, "A healthy diet and adequate exercise maximizes the likelihood of keeping fit and helping to prevent diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses" (Anon, 2006). ...read more.


Relax, then repeat, trying to stretch farther," (Anon 1999) and by doing this he will increase his range of flexibility and reduce the risk of problems in later life. The client's strength score was excellent and to keep his current level of strength he should continue to exercise and eat healthy. The client's lung function scores were not as impressive as his other scores. To improve his lung functions in general the client should, "perform breathing exercises enforce good habits where the full range of lung function is used therefore the body gets the oxygen it needs, this not only feels better, but provides more energy," (Gupta 2007) and by performing cardiovascular work lung function can be improved. Conclusion The tests that were used were controlled tests as there was a tutor present and they were performed in a controlled environment with no external factors that could play a part in any of the results. The tests are ethical as they are recommended tests and were performed using the correct guidelines and equipment. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Rick Watson ...read more.

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