Practical Health Lifestyle Evaluation

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Practical Health and Lifestyle Evaluation

 For this report the client in this lifestyle evaluation was a 20 year old of 105kg weight and is 6ft 6” tall. The main sport that client participates in is football but he is also very keen on performing cardiovascular and strength training in the gym.

Pre- Test Screening Procedures

First of all the client was given a health-screening questionnaire to answer, which is attached as appendix one. This questionnaire is effective as it is relatively simple and is easy to understand. It also covers a wide range of areas which then can gather more information about the client.



For this report there were different methods used to collect the required data. To start off with the client entered their personal data into the Fitech programme. After this the client’s height was measured. After this the client was weighed. After being weighed the client then had their blood pressure taken, this test also takes the clients resting heart rate. The equipment used to take the clients blood pressure was an Omron M4-1 Blood Pressure Monitor. After this the client had their body fat percentage, body mass index, lean muscle percentage, lean weight, water percentage, total body water, the estimate metabolic rate at rest and the estimated average daily requirement of energy using a Bodystat 1500. The client then had their strength tested by using a Grip D Strength Dynamometer. The client then had their lung function tested by using a Micro plus Spirometer. The client then had their stamina tested by using a Monark Bike and Fitech Astrant Test. To test the client’s flexibility a sit and reach test was used. The data was then added to the Fitech program and then the client had to answer some general questions about their diet. More detail can be found on appendix one.

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The results that the client achieved in the above said tests were quite good. The client’s fat intake was recorded as okay and he had a recommended daily fat intake of 112.5g and a recommended calorie intake of 3375kcals. The client’s body fat percentage was 17.8% which is at the recommended healthy level but his body mass index indicated that he was overweight with a score of 27.1. This means that the client is at an increased health risk. The client’s systolic blood pressure was high and the diastolic pressure was normal with a score of 150/67. The ...

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