Promoting The Rights And Responsibilities Of Service Users In Care Settings

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AO1: Promoting The Rights And Responsibilities Of Service Users In Care Settings

Task 1C:

What difficulties or tension might arise between the rights and responsibilities in a care setting such as Queensland? Include:

  • Balancing people’s rights against their responsibilities.
  • Balancing the needs of people who use service with the availability resources.
  • Role boundaries.
  • Legal requirements.
  • Tension between organisational policies and service user’s needs.
  • Tension within individuals.
  • Tension between service user and care workers.
  • Tension between service user and the organisation.


Balancing people’s rights against their responsibilities

Maintaining a balance of rights and responsibilities is essential to constructing and preserving a good relationship between the service user and care worker. In a Balanced rights and responsibilities one person does not overpower another, and so that they can be clear about how they should distribute power. Balancing rights and responsibilities together can be very difficult for care workers and the service users and can also build tensions. All service users in Queensland have a right to be treated equally, along with their right it is care workers responsibility to provide equal care for the service users.

Service users have a responsibility towards those who are offering the service. They also have rights. Balancing these two perspectives could at times be very difficult. For example Mary lives Queensland, she is very old, and she has a mobility problem and she wants to walk around Queensland  after she has ate, however no one is available to accompany her because the home is short staffed, tensions have arisen. The service user has the right to go for a walk around, but the care workers have a responsibility to ensure she’s safe and secure.

Similarly tensions can arise if for example Mark wants dinner a little early then the rest of the service users, is will be very difficult as the cooks have to come in early for just Mark, this kind of rights can be ignored and the care workers have a responsibility to make him understand that the cooks cannot come in early for just him.

Tensions between rights and responsibilities can occur:

  • When choices re the opposite to the agreed care plan
  • When choices put the service user at a risk
  • When choices put the service user at a risk form others people actions
  • When family friends and the careers at a risk
  • When society at whole is at a risk

Balancing the needs of people who use service with the availability resources

Service user have a right to have their needs met. Each service user will have specific needs. Although these may appear to be the same as other people’s needs, they may require different applications. For example in Queensland if one service user would want to have a knee operation due to a illness, and five other service users would want new beds for themselves, the care worker has to decide which of the problems are more important, which obviously is knee operation. This shows that needs and resources have to be balanced.

There are many other limitations in resources which affect client right being met. The number of operations which can be performed in an operating theatre at a hospital is limited due to the time each operation takes. The needs of one patient may have to be prioritised over another as their operation is more urgent and there only time in the theatre to carry out one operations of a particular day, the less important operation would have to wait until a later date.

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 It is very important that a care worker balances rights and responsibilities. Care workers can do to by making sure:

  • Treat everyone equally
  • Not giving attention more to one service user then other.
  • Making sure their rights don’t overcome each other’s.

Sometimes the unavailability of resources can create tensions in care settings. For example in Queensland service users enjoy spending a day out altogether, however there’s only a little amount of staff to take them out, to solve this problem the care worker can take a few one day and a few another ...

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