Review the benefit to individuals and professional staff of taking a holistic approach to planning support.

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Unit 9, m2, group 3, Kinga Boguszko

M1: Review the benefit to individuals and professional staff of taking a holistic approach to planning support.


Within this assignment I shall be giving various strengths of how a holistic support plan benefits both users and service providers in a health care setting. By analysing Katie's support plan on a holistic view is effective as it ensures that Katie's needs are going to be met.

-Benefits for Katie; 

When service users devise a support plan for a user they aim to give users the confidence to cope and tackle their illnesses. Care plans are an effective way of meeting all of Katie's needs because they look at her case on a holistic approach. For example if Katie was suffering from a few emotional problems such as Katie may miss her family and feel sad most of the time she is at the setting. It is then the service provider’s duty to refer back to the support plan & try to overcome this emotional problem by meeting her needs. The care manager would meet Katie needs by solving the problem & organise for Katie's family & friends to visit weekly so she feels comfortable at the care home. In addition to this on a social point of view it may seem that Katie withdraws herself from other users in the setting, the care staff will refer back to the support plan & aim to meet Katie's social needs by attempting to overcome her social problems. The care worker can tackle this problem by organising activities and games such as circle time in the setting. Activities like these are effective because they allow Katie a chance to speak out & interact with others around her. As well as this it shows that the staffs at the setting are empowering Katie as they are allowing her to choose from a range of activities & games that she can participate in.

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Moreover according to Katie's case study it states that she is 30 years old however has the mentality of a 6 year old. This may make Katie feel insecure because she fails to make basic vocabulary & comprehensive sentences. It is the staff’s responsibility to find solutions on how to overcome this problem. Katie's staff managers would look at her support plan & organise for a teacher to teach Katie to find help in reading, writing and to form basic sentences sessions that she can attend to either weekly or monthly. This support plan benefits Katie as it is considering ...

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