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Risks to my clients Health and Well-Being

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Risks to my clients Health and Well-Being. A risk is something that affects my clients Health and Well-being; for example smoking can affect my clients Health and Well-Being as there is short term effects which are bad breath and long term effects such as cancer. Identifying Risks of an unbalanced diet in my clients Health and Well-Being I have identified this risk because my client eats healthier but eats unhealthy at weekends so I feel she has an unbalanced diet. It is important for the clients overall health and well being. According to NACNE and C.O.M.A, we should eat less salt, fat and sugar and more fibre and drink less alcohol. Also we should eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetable per day to maintain a healthy body. A balanced diet should determinate the type of life style led to my client. An unbalanced diet is that one that does not provided enough of the needed nutrients. An unbalanced diet could also be one that provides too much of certain nutrients as in the case of the American diet. ...read more.


Many people take no physical activity during a typical week. Physical inactivity is the most common risk factor for heart disease in the UK with 7 out of 10 women and 6 out of 10 men not active enough to achieve health benefits. If you have done less than 30 minutes of the sort of physical activity that made you feel warm and slightly out of breath in the last week then you are physically inactive. It is estimated that in the UK, about 36% of deaths from heart disease in men and 38% of deaths from heart disease in women are related to lack of physical activity as compared to only 19% of heart disease deaths being related to smoking. Short term risks of lack of exercise; weight gain means body size changes (could lead to loss to self-confidence). Socially she may be less likely to meet people due to her self image. Find simple physical tasks increase trying such as cleaning caring shopping and walking. Long term risks of lack of exercise; Obesity. Increase blood pressure. ...read more.


can permanently alter an individual's stress response Short term risks of stress are lack of sleep, emotional unhappiness, feeling tense and unsettled. Loss of a appetite of overheating. Increase leaves of drinking, smoking, arguments which could lead to falling out with friends and family. Long term risks of stress levels are: Insomnia (not sleeping), Depression, and Increase of blood pressure. Could lead to a heart attack. High weight loss. High weight gain. Alcoholism could breakdown family and friendships. The final risk im going to identify is Leisure, activities, and interests. My client Hillary does not have enough interests and I feel that she needs to have more. Having Leisure and interests can make and improve your emotional health thought enjoying activities. It can help my client to emotional relax and enjoy life. And gives opportunities for intellectual and social devopment. Short term risks are decrease in intellectual and social health though boredom and low conversational skills. Long term risks are decrease in emotional health thought out boredom leading to increase stress levels and/or depression. May lead to less interesting person with low self-esteem. Loose opportunities to socialise and improve social health. ?? ?? ?? ?? Christopher Ball ...read more.

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