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Sectors. The two job roles which I have chosen to evaluate are Childrens nurses and Primary School Teachers. Both these job roles are within the Statutory Sector which is funded by the government.

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Sectors Public sector The national condition for education and the health care system is split up either one of the three employment categories. They are either the public sector, private sector, voluntary sector and non for profit sector. The two job roles which I have chosen to evaluate are Children's nurses and Primary School Teachers. Both these job roles are within the Statutory Sector which is funded by the government. Children's nurses are often employed by the National Health Service (NHS) where as Primary School Teachers are employed by the local council. However this may vary in several occasions as the majority of the nurses and Primary School Teachers today could be employed by other organisations for instance McMillan's which is voluntary sector organisation. A large proportion of the health and education are funded by the government and people who work within these organisations are working in the Public Sector, which means they are working for the government. The public sectors take account of wide range of careers which includes nursing and teaching. Public sectors are also known as the Statutory Sector. ...read more.


This money was also used to support hospices and to also give hospice respite breaks to people who were terminally ill. This information had hit the news as the original funding amount was �150m but it had doubled and therefore the extra cash had been used to support other schemes such as reducing strokes and heart diseases, it was also used on buying cancer care equipment. Pay Statutory Maternity pay (SMP) In order to meet the requirement to receive maternity payment from the statutory sector, women must be employed by the same employer for up to 26 weeks into the 15th week before the baby is due otherwise they are not eligible. This type of payment received from the employer on a week to week basis. Statutory Sick pay (SMP Statutory Sick Pay is received when an employee cannot attend work if they are ill. Therefore they become entitled to statutory sick pay (SSP). Whether an employee receives SSP or not it is all down to the contract of their employment, however when the employee attends work after their days off it is necessary they provide a written statement. ...read more.


On the other hand a phased retirement may also be an option for you according to teacher's pension news letter 'If you opt for phased retirement, you will receive part of your pension benefits alongside your earnings, which will be reduced by at least 25% for a minimum of one year following the commencement of your phased retirement'. The local council Local Authority Employees working in the public sector have their wages paid by the government, therefore people who working in education are paid by the local authority an example of a local authority is the Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council. The structure of the government in England is split up in to five different types of local authorities which are single tier and two tier authorities and the single tier authorities the metropolitan authorities, London borough and the unitary or shire authorities. The Local authorities services in a region is provided by the single tier authority, the services the local authority provides are education, housing, trading standards, emergency planning and social services. On the other hand the two tier structure is divided in two levels which provides for the county and district. For the district it provides street cleaning, parks, lands and environmental health and for the counties it provides Education, highways and transports. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hamida Begum S809146 ...read more.

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