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Self Esteem and its effect on learning.

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´╗┐HOW SELF ESTEEM AFFECTS LEARNING Having low self-esteem can make you underestimate your efforts and potential. You often expect situations to go wrong for you. Improving your self-esteem is not a miracle cure for all aspects of your life that are not as you may want them to be but can dramatically improve the way you view and deal with situations. Higher self esteem can help make you realise that not everything is YOUR fault. A low self- esteem will effect how you perform in all aspects of life. It will determine how quickly you learn, how much you remember and the motivational drive for study and success. You need you believe you can succeed or will not achieve your full potential. If you begin to struggle with your learning, then a moderate self-esteem is needed to encourage you to carry on and not to give up. We all know that any learning environment can be competitive and challenging. The level of self-esteem we have has an impact on the decision to learn something new in the first place. ...read more.


Share reasons behind the feedback you are giving to a person because this may help them to meet their own expectations and avoid lowering self-esteem when they know why and how to continue developing positively. ?Non-verbal support such as a thumbs up can give encouragement to people of all ages? DFES Publication 0121/2001 Promoting children?s mental Health This is certainly seems to work well in an educating environment, when you are not sure of something and not yet confident enough to ask, a tutor glancing over your shoulder and seeing an uncertain look on your face can wipe that away without saying a word. Getting non-verbal communication right is just as important as verbal as the effect of any confusion about the gesture could result in a lowering self-esteem and therefore work could suffer. Generating confidence can help create ability. WAYS TO BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM Exercise can help boost self-esteem due to the release of endorphins which are that stimulate and make people feel more positive. A quick walk before a lecture can make you feel energised as the oxygen gets into your blood and . ...read more.


Self Esteem Test This self esteem test is extremely quick and simple, just answer TRUE or FALSE to each question (if you cannot answer 100% TRUE then answer FALSE - check below how to score): Self esteem test has been written by Karl Perera. 1. Other people are not better off or more fortunate than me 2. I accept myself as I am and am happy with myself 3. I enjoy socializing 4. I deserve love and respect 5. I feel valued and needed 6. I don't need others to tell me I have done a good job 7. Being myself is important 8. I make friends easily 9. I can accept criticism without feeling put down 10. I admit my mistakes openly 11. I never hide my true feelings 12. I always speak up for myself and put my views across 13. I am a happy, carefree person 14. I don't worry what others think of my views 15. I don't need others' approval to feel good 16. ...read more.

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