Supporting and Safeguarding Adults

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Health and Social Care National Extended Diploma Unit 11

‘All care homes should have CCTV’, says woman who used E120 covert camera to capture shocking footage showing nurse abusing and taunting her 92-year-old mother-in-law’

An elderly lady living in a dementia care home, Bridie Rees was shouted at and abused by a nurse she knew and trusted called Faderera Bello. Her family noticed bruises on body after a visit and set up a camera in her room, this caught on camera that Bello had been abusing Bridie. She was sentenced to four months in jail for an account of neglect.

The relationship between this carer and her service user is an unsupportive one. Rights, respect and needs were all deliberately discounted by the professional. The service user's rights were not respected as under the human rights act she was abused and verbally degraded by the person who was to care for her. She also wasn't respected in the sense that her family pay money for her to be cared for and treated properly. The service users' needs were also not met as she needs to be happy, respected and safe in her home, however this was violated. This does not make a supportive relationship at all, as listening skills are also key but assumingly Bridie’s cries for help were dismissed

This can have a very negative impact on the service user as she has now sustained physical injury from the abuse meaning bruises and other potential forms of harm, as well as possible trust issue that may have developed as a result. The carer was supposed to treat her respectfully and this wasn't the result, this can lead to her becoming is and upset due to the treatment she received. In the long term this could turn into depression and anxiety issues. Other effects of specifically physical abuse can develop into more serious problems such as self-mutilation, and a lack to live. Hopefully in the long Bridie went back to being a safe and caring environment with people that respect her right to care.

What should have been done in this case to reduce the risk of abuse can include the use of CRB checks, presumably Bello was checked out prior to being employed, however if not then this is something that should have been done in order to prevent something like this happening to a service user. Another way to prevent this from happening could have been regular observations, if Bello had oberservations on a regular basis then that could have prevented the abuse from happening. Finally, as this article states, another preventative measure that could have been put into place is CCTV, with that the abuse that Bridie was subjected to would have been caught a lot sooner.

‘Texas to investigate wave of teacher-student sex scandals: Senate probe as number of to investigate wave of inappropriate relationships reaches unprecedented seven-year high’

Texas Education Agency reported there has been a 53 per cent increase in number of student teacher relationship probes over past seven years. In 2015 alone, the agency was asked to review 188 cases of suspected teacher misconduct. An expert said during Senate committee hearing that social media was helping foster inappropriate relationships between teachers and students.

These relationships are inappropriate and unsupportive because of the type of relationship they are a teacher and student should not engage in a sexual or intimate relationship as this contradicts their aim to teach the student. It becomes unsupportive because the teacher can start abusing the students trust and cause them to fail in their academic studies. They don't promote their rights or their needs. Tailoring to their sexual needs is not something they are obligated or required to do as for it being a professional relationship, it becomes inappropriate. It is also unsupportive the teacher then has no regard for the student's respect, as they are not being respected as a student or another individual.
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This can have an adverse effect on the student because they can begin to suffer in their academic studies. They may also feel like they are being taken advantage of by someone who they are meant to be able to trust and count on for support. Later on they may be bullied or subjected to torment by fellow peers due to the nature of how they conversed with a professional in their life. The teacher will most likely be imprisoned and the student move to another college or university to limit the amount of guilt and hardship they ...

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