The physical, intellectual, emotional and social effects on someone with Down's Syndrome

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The physical, intellectual, emotional and social effects on someone with Down's syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic condition where a person inherits an extra copy of one chromosome. It has many effects, for example, it affects people physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Individuals living with Down syndrome are affected physically. For example, children with Down syndrome are usually much shorter than other children their ages because they have poor muscle tone. Growth continues through childhood but most adults with Down syndrome are below average height.

They also tend to look different as they typically have a flat facial profile and eyes that slant upwards. Other facial features include smaller ears, a flat back of the head and protruding tongue.

Other physical problems include cataracts, hearing and sight problems, and make them more susceptible to encountering infections. Later in life there's also an increased risk of leukaemia and Alzheimer’s dementia. Someone living with downs syndrome has an average life expectancy of 60 years.

Learning to crawl, Walk, speak are all things where a child will take longer to develop if they have Down’s syndrome.  These areas that a child will take longer to develop in can be helped by the individual receiving Special help, such as physical therapy and speech therapy, can give kids a boost with their walking and talking skills.

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Strength, agility, speed, coordination and reaction time form the basis from which more complex skills such as throwing, catching and kicking can be developed. When these skills are refined and practiced, games and sports can be played.

All individuals with Down syndrome have some degree of intellectual problems. For example, a child with Down syndrome will have learning difficulties which can range from mild to moderate. These learning difficulties include memory problems such as having a short term memory which is a short term problem. They might also have concentration problems such as low attention spans and they might have ...

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