Types of abuse. Child abuse is categorised into different types

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Types of abuse

Child abuse is categorised into different types. The types are:

* Physical abuse – Physical abuse is physically abusing the child and giving them non accidental injuries as shown below in the picture. Physical abuse can involve hitting, shaking, throwing, burning, suffocating the child or any other type of out of control punishment. Physical harm may also be caused when a parent or carer produces the symptoms of, or deliberately induces, illness in a child.
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* Sexual abuse – Sexual abuse is having sex with children under the age of consent (16 in the UK). This could involve forcing a child to take part in a sexual activity; it may not involve a high level of violence as the child may be unaware of what is happening to them this is classed as rape. This is physical contact which can be assault by penetration e.g. rape or oral sex or assault by non penetrative acts such as kissing, masturbation or rubbing. There are also non-contact activities such as: involving children to witness or ...

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