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Unit 1: P1

On a daily basis, we often speak, talk and interact with people around us. This is called communication, a way to send messages across different people or a group of people. Communication is indeed important because we use this on our daily routine; it is employ to convey information and messages across to different people.

There are different types of communication that an individual or group could use. One of this is one to one communication and this is only a conversation between two people expressing and giving information to each other. This type of communication is verbal as we speak or talk through our mouths and express ourselves by talking or speaking. This could also be a formal communication because one to one communication is use when you have a personal meeting to your supervisor or having an interview with organisations like hospitals or nursery. All care practitioners will be using one to one communication to communicate with their clients or patients. With regards of my work placement at Mapledown School, they a use one2one verbal communication to talk to their pupils with regards of their progress at school or it just happen to talk to each other.

Group communication, on the other hand is a form of communication utilized by a group of people as the name suggest. This kind of communication is also verbal but informal. It is informal because it is only a casual conservation between 3 or more people. Group communication often happens when a care home or nursery have a meeting to talk about their routine for the day. Referring to my placement at Mapledown School, group communication is also used. They often have circle time meaning they are in circle sitting down. During their circle time, they talk about certain things like how is their day and greet everyone. Furthermore, teachers also use group communication with their colleagues to discuss their agenda for the day.

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Furthermore, some of the people use written communication. This type of communication is non-verbal and formal type of communication. It is non-verbal because it does not require speaking or talking. Written communication is use by care practitioners to communicate with their clients by writing them some updates about their nursery, or clinics or what had happened to their results etc. From my experience at Mapledown School, they often use written communication to communicate with the parents and ask their pupils to give it to their parents. Those letters are information about trips that is going on and a slip ...

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