Unit 1 Explain the factors which affect the everyday needs of individuals

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P1. Outline the everyday needs of individual

– Page 2

P2. Explain the factors which affect the everyday needs of individuals

- Page 4

P3. Carry out an assessment of the health and wellbeing of an individual

 – Page 9

P4. Produce a plan for improving the health and wellbeing of an individual

– Page 11

M1. Explain how the plan meets the health and well being needs of the individual

                                                 -Page  13

D1. Justify how the plan takes into account the individuals circumstances and preferences.



P1. Outline the everyday needs of individuals

Maslow’s history

Abraham Maslow was born on the 1st of April 1908 and sadly died on June 8th 1970 at the age of 62. He was born and raised in Brooklyn and New York. Marslow was Jewish. He was know as a psychologist and was most popular for the Maslow hierarchy of needs.

This is a pyramid depicting the level of human needs from psychological to physical. The lowest levels of the pyramid are made up of the basic needs, while the most complex needs are located at the top of the pyramid.

The Five Needs

Psychological needs

These are to do with the maintenance of the human body. If we are unwell, then little else matters until we recover. According to Maslow’s theory, if such needs are not satisfied the one motivation will arise from the quest to satisfy them. Higher needs such as social needs and esteem are not felt until on has met the needs basic to ones bodily functioning.

These are the literal requirements for human survival. If these requirements are not met the human body simply cannot continue to function.

  • Breathing (Air)
  • Water
  • Nourishment
  • Homeostasis (Internal environment)
  • Sleep


Safety Needs

Safety needs are about putting a roof over our heads and keeping us from harm. If we are rich, strong and powerful or have good friends.

Once physiological needs are met, ones attention turns to safety and security in order to be free from the threat of physical and emotional harm. Such needs might be fulfilled

  • Living in a safe area
  • Medical insurance
  • Job security
  • Financial resources

If a person feels that they are in harms way higher needs will not receive much attention

Belonging needs

Belonging needs introduce our tribal nature. If we are helpful and kind to other they would want us as friends.

This is the need to be accepted member of a group, whether it’s family, friends, co-workers or even a sports team. We human beings have a natural desire to belong and to be a part of something greater than them. The motive to belong is the need for “strong stable relationship with other people”

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The need to belong is the need to give and receive affection from others.


Once a person fells a sense of “belonging”, the need to feel important arises. Esteem may be classified an internal or external. Internal esteem needs are those related to self-esteem such as self respect and achievement. External needs are those such as social status and recognition.

These are the literal Esteem needs

  • Self respect
  • Achievement
  • Attention
  • Recognition
  • Reputation

Maslow later refined his model to include a level between esteem needs and self actualization: the need of knowledge and aesthetics.


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