Unit 10 P1 & P2. Reasons for a child entering the care system

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Unit 10: Caring for Children and Young People        


Children of all age’s even newborn babies will need come into the care of the local authority there are many reasons for this such as:

  • Bervement
  • Parental Illness
  • Health problems
  • Behavioral problems
  • Learning difficulties
  • Disabilities
  • Offending Behavior

Some children and young people may need a period of time in care while a crisis at home is being ashamed and support is being put in place. Parents often need extra support to help them parent and children will need to be with foster carer while that is taking place. Other parents may suffer from ill health and have no family or friends to care for their children or child while they receive treatment. Sometimes an adults dependence on drugs or alcohol will mean that they cannot put their children needs first and so those children will need to come into care. There are times when social workers and other professionals involved with the child’s safety they may be removed into care via the police or courts. In these cases children may need emergency fostering care for these children maybe needed for many months. Many children are able to return home after a period in foster care but some may move onto other family members who are to care for them rather than their birth parents where it is not possible for a child to return to their own family then we need to find a new permanent home for them this is when we look for adopters or for longer term foster carers depending on the needs of the children involved.

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Suspected or actual maltreatment:

Physical Abuse: Maybe one of the first reasons why a child enters foster care the physical abuse has to be extreme where bruising is left on a child and numerous attempt to help a family learn alternative ways of disciple have failed. Physical abuse may also mean the restraining of a child or being locked within a cupboard or other small space.

Sexual Abuse: This can mean several different things as sexual abuse is often thought about on a continuum of acts with the viewing of pornographic material, grooming, exploitation and sexual abusing.

Neglect: Means ...

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In this piece, the writer discusses the ways in which a child may come into the care system. On the whole relevant points are raised and good examples are given in support. The writer is clearly aware of the various types of and level of support available to children and young people. As the unit information for this work is not available, it is hard to confirm that the criteria have been achieved, but I will say that to improve the readability of the work proof-read carefully to eliminate the grammatical errors present. 3/5