Unit 11: Safeguarding Adults and Promoting Independence

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Jessica Bascombe 20174011 Group DUnit 11: Safeguarding Adults and Promoting Independence P5: ISA: The independent safeguarding authority was created to prevent unsuitable people from working with children and vulnerable adults it was a government organization which held the barred lists for working with children or vulnerable adults. The ISA was set up to take responsibility and control the vetting and barring scheme this act was created because of the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in 2002 anyone who wants to work with vulnerable individuals need the ISA registration to be checked suitable before they could work in certain environments. The records that are kept by the ISA are constantly updated as fresh information is gathered if new information indicates that an individual might pose a risk to vulnerable people they will be put on one of the ISA barred lists and their current employer will only be informed immediately. DBS: Helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups including children it replaces the CRB and the ISA they are responsible for processing requests for chemical records checks deciding whether it is appropriate for a person to be placed on or removed from a barred lists. They search police records in relevant cases and banned barred list information these could be sensitive and personal therefore the DBS makes sure that any information they contain is handled fairly and used properly. Employers must refer someone to the DBS if they: - Fired them because they harmed a child or adult- Sacked them or removed them from working environment because they have harmed a child or adult ABL: The adult and vetting scheme came into place into 2009 to prevent
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unsuitable individuals from working children and vulnerable adults. The act states that a person who is barred from working with children and vulnerable adults will be breaking the law if they work or volunteer or try to work with these groups and also an employer who employs someone knowing that they are barred to work with these groups will to be breaking the law. Multi-Agency Working: Means where different branches of health and social care profession such as nurses, doctors, social workers, health visitors, midwifes, theatre staff and police work together to achieve a desired outcome an example of multi ...

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