Unit 17 - working in a social care sector - neo-natal nurses and criminologists.

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Unit 17 – Working in a health and social care sector

Task one; P1,M1,D1

 P1 –Explain the requirements for two different careers in the social care sector.

Neonatal nurses work either within specialist neonatal units (within maternity or children's hospitals) or in the community.
Neonatal nurses care for new-born babies who are premature or born sick. There are a vast number of conditions that can affect a new-born baby and require treatment from specialists within the multidisciplinary healthcare team.

 (Nhs Careers,2014)

There are requirements needed to become a Neonatal nurse, such as;

  • Knowledge/skills  - A neonatal nurse will not only have nursing practitioners knowledge and skills, but will have knowledge in areas of working with infants, they are required to have knowledge in; Dietary needs, the respiratory system, being aware of correct medicines to treat certain conditions.  Their skills will include; good communication and observation skills – this allows them to understand and communicate effectively with the patients, being able to use technology’s such as incubators, ventilators and feeding tubes, ability to answer questions and offer advice – Nurses are there to talk to and be asked questions, and being able to with emotional charged situations – whichever the situation may be, nurses need to know how to deal with it and be empathetic.
  • Competence – A neonatal needs to be competent with the ability to work under pressure, and working long unpredictable hours, this is important.  For example being competent in keeping a record of all baby patients, which provides useful info for doctors.
  • Initiative – Neonatal nurses will need to use their initiative when it comes to acting on a baby’s change of status.
  • Ability to work with others – They will be working with a team, who works with the infants sector,  so It’s important they are successful in doing so, as this will ensure the patients needs are fulfilled. This also includes working in a professional manner, even if they do not get along with another staff member.
  • Interpersonal skills - Interpersonal skills are the life skills we use every day to communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups, this is required for neonatal nurses as they are working with people such as families, which will require them to communicate with them, and showing compassion alongside detailed explanations to inform the families the importance of the condition of the baby.
  • Reliability - A neonatal nurse will have to be reliable, this includes being reliable to work unpredictable hours,  and being to carry out appointed tasks when asked and also, being able to say when they cannot perform a task or need assistance.
  • Anti-discrimination approach – It’s an important requirement for Neonatal nurses, as they will come across people who are different; such as mothers who have been consuming alcohol during their pregnancy, and due to this their baby has had complications, the nurse will have to show the mother support regardless, and treat the baby equally.
  • Show Empathy – Neonatal nurses need to be empathetic with the mother of the newborns, especially at times when the need arises for surgeries.  Being able to do this, shows effective understanding and a positive relationship between the nurse and service user.
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To be able to become a Neonatal Nurse, there is several amount of qualifications that are required being taken on this job role, these include qualifications such as;

  • GCSE’S – Not normally required, but to be able to progress onto higher studies, GCSE’s are required to do a btec or alevel course, this will then lead to working towards to a degree in university.  Usually five GCSE’S at grade C and above, with English and maths being compulsory, and a science subject being preferred.  
  • A levels/BTEC’s – A levels and appropriate BTEC’S are then required to be ...

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