Unit 2 Communication in a care setting

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A care setting is somewhere; someone goes to get a form of care. There are three types of care settings these are health care setting. The most common health care setting is your local GP surgery. People usually use this setting for check up or to go to get prescribed medication and minor injuries. GP’s aren’t normally used for emergency’s you normally got to A&E for emergencies this is another health care setting this is usually used for major injury moat health care setting are NHS based which means it is free. Early year’s care setting The most common early years care setting is nursery. Nurseries are there to take care of children to give parents opportunity to go back to work or just have time to them. There are the different types of early years provision, statutory this is services provided by law, voluntary services these are services that aren’t profit based and everyone that work there don’t get paidthesearen’t very common. Then private care settings these are profit based and are run like a business. Most early year care settings are private but the Government Issue vouchers that entitle everyone to use private care settings a certain amount a week. Social care settings the most common social care setting is a elderly care home, these are there to take care of the elderly when they become vulnerable and are unable to care for themselves. This setting is usually a private setting and profit based.

It is important to have a good communication between service providers and service users which helps in building relationship. Having good communication helps in exchanging information, messages etc. There are four different types of communication and they are all important to exchange information and build relationship between people in care settings. The four different types are

Computerised communication

Computerised communication is when communication takes place electronically for example phones, computer, internet or fax . It is also a very quick form of interacting with people. Individuals can access a vast amount of information through the internet. Email and text messages can reach people in a fraction of the time that paper-based written communication used to take place. It is possible to network with a wide range of other professionals rapidly using electronically recorded messages. Computerised records are very important in care work and should be treated with the same degree of formality as other written records. Computer communication has becomeallot more common in the last 50 years and in a way has  replaced written communication as people tend to email each other or phone/text to communicate instead of writing letters. Computerised records are very important in care work Computerised records are very important in care work and should be treated with the same degree of formality as other written records. With electronic records it is important to keep a ‘back up copy’ in case the system crashes. It is also important due to confidentiality that all records are password protected.

In care setting computerised communication has become more popular and can be used for a variety of different reasons depending on the care setting. For example doctor making out a prescription slip on the computer for the patient to take to the pharmacist to get their medication. This type of computerised communication would make sure that the prescription is correct as it's done on the computer and it's better than hand writing, in case the pharmacist wouldn't understand the handwriting of the doctor and would give the patient the wrong medicine. It helps GP to be much safer and organized.

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Another example is from my work placement, I went to a nursery and the nursery did rely a lot on the computers between staff communication mainly, staff would email in if sick rather than phone also staff rotas would be emailed. I went into a staff meeting at the beginning of the week and the first thing people are asked is if they looked at the rota emailed over the weekend, the information on that email was needed for everybody to be able to understand what was happening in the week. If someone had not read the email ...

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