Unit 2 - Equality diversity and rights Distinction one

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Unit 2- Equality, diversity and rights

Distinction One – Evaluate the success of a recent initiative in promoting anti-discriminatory practice.

Positive promotion of individuals

This can be seen in all areas of health and social care by looking at noticeboards, in the hallways, reception areas or staff rooms. Charters, for example, should be displayed for people to read, if they wish, in waiting rooms, canteens or other areas that they pass through. Policies and procedures should also be available for health and social care professionals to read if they are unsure about anything, or they should at least be informed of where the policies and procedures can be found.

It Is important that people’s choices and preferences are maintained, so that they can have as much independence as possible, this will allow their self-esteem levels to be high, they’ll feel more respected and valued which ultimately has a positive effect on the individual, without staff promoting positive of individuals, this goes against the whole care value base in health and social care, which to be an effective care worker you need to internalise these values and demonstrate them with service users,  honesty and respect is the main bases in health and social care especially.

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Human Rights

Human rights are concerned with equality and fairness. They recognise our freedom to make choices about our life and develop our potential as human beings. They are about living a life free from fear, harassment or discrimination.

Everything mentioned in this unit relates to human rights, and human rights are central to the health and social profession. As an employee within the health and social care sector, you have to be aware of human rights issues and know how to report any incidents that contravene and individual’s human rights.

Human rights being promoted within health and social ...

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