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Unit 21 Nutrition for Health and social care

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´╗┐Jessica Bascombe 20174011 Group D Unit 21 Nutritional Health Unit 21 P1: Explain concepts associated with nutritional health Unit 21 P2: Describe the characteristics of nutrients and their benefits to the body. Carbohydrates: Eating this in you daily diet provides an important source of energy and is also good for healthy organ functions; it also helps you to respire. Some carbohydrates may reduce cholesterol, which is very beneficial for your health, sugar carbohydrates such as: glucose, fructose and galactose. Starchy Carbohydrates which are made up of many molecules joined together such as: starch, glycogen, cellulose and pectin without sufficient amount of carbohydrates in your diet you can suffer from Marasmus disease, area deficient disease and Kwashiorkor which can develop in extreme conditions. These occur when energy and protein are lacking in individuals diet over an extended amount of time. Individuals can get their daily amount of carbohydrates from foods such as: cereal, bananas, chocolate, bread, and pasta as well as many more. Carbohydrates are one of the main types of food the liver breaks down carbohydrates into glucose, which our body uses for sugar. Sugar and starch are the main types of carbohydrates that provide energy for the body that consist of carbon hydrogen and oxygen and more are produced by green plants in the process of undergoing photosynthesis. Protein: This is needed for growth, development and repair. Adults need 8 amino acids whereas children need 10 and pregnant women need protein for lactation and also for growth of the baby. Proteins are large molecules consisting of amino acids, which our body and the cells in our bodies need to function properly. Protein is made up of different combinations of amino acids; these are the building blocks of protein. Amino acids are compounds containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen and sometimes sulphur. If an individual lacks in protein it can become Protein energy malnutrition this is mostly seen in infants with studded growth or thin legs and large distended abdomens. ...read more.


It is used to identify one product from another and also to make a decision over which product to purchase the label is therefore the most important marketing tool for a product. Important points for food labelling are: * Product Name * Manufacture name of food labelling * Date of manufacturing and best before date * Ingredients * If product contains nuts, additive?s, wheat, gluten etc. * If product is vegan/vegetarian approved Unit 21 P3: Explain Possible Influences on Dietary Intake Dietary Habits: When I wake up in the morning I very rarely eat breakfast, I have had this habit since I was in primary school, and this is due to me waking up late and getting ready for school and then not having enough time to eat anything. This would affect me by making me feel very tired during the day because of the lack of nutrients in my body. I find it hard to concentrate during the day and I feel as though I have no energy, this is because I am not consuming nutrients to give my body energy. If I continue to do this, it will cause my blood sugar levels to decrease this is called Hypoglycaemia and can cause severe symptoms of dizziness, sweating, being pale and feeling weak. The foods individuals usually have for breakfast are toast, porridge and cereal, these foods are high in carbohydrates and protein; they provide energy for the body and help within the physical growth of the body. Another dietary habit I have is drinking coffee; this is a very unhealthy thing to do because coffee contains a lot of caffeine, when I drink coffee while I skipping a meal it takes away my hungry, this is very unhealthy because I am replacing nutrients that?s should be in my body with sugar and caffeine. Having too much sugar in my body can lead to getting type 2 diabetes, drinking too many caffeine drinks, as a result of this I cannot sleep at night ...read more.


or magnesium in the diet, this can lead to brittle bones and teeth, and calcium also aids the stopping of blood clots. If a person chooses a lifestyle of living on their own this can have a major impact on their nutritional health because if they live on their own it is easier to have a takeaway or a microwave meal than to cook a portion of food for themselves which requires washing up. It is faster to cook a meal in the microwave or order some foods from the takeaway. It is also more expensive to store food in the fridge which is the person isn?t in a lot due to working then this could mean wasting money on food going off and not getting used when only one person is in. This could lead to a high BML, high cholesterol and lead to a person becoming over weight because they will not be getting a balanced diet or following the eat well plate to stay healthy. There are many ways to reduce negative influences that are impact on a individuals diet if an individual is lactose intolerant they can still have calcium and magnesium this is due to individuals taking substitutes to help with digestion. If an individual smokes and they are smoking instead of eating, then this means that they are not getting a balanced diet or getting all the nutrients the individual?s body needs. As a result of this the individual would have to cut down on smoking and eat more meals when they are hungry instead of replacing meals with cigarettes. A individuals who lives on could also get healthier meals that can be cooked in the oven for a short time, they also could look online on what the traffic light labels means to ensure they are eating microwave meals to check if they are high in energy and low in salt and sugar. If they work shift patterns they should ensure the food that they are providing is healthy and that they don?t just go to the chicken shop because it is easier. ...read more.

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