Unit 4: Development Through the Life Stages

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Unit 4: Development Through the Life Stages


Cardiovascular System:

With increasing age the heart becomes more vulnerable to disease as individuals age they develop narrow arteries and other blood vessels this is because the blood vessels become covered with fat such as cholesterol. This can cause high blood pressure this can lead to the risk of strokes and heart attacks. This could affect Eminem’s self esteem as he would have a lack of confidence and maybe scared to face the difficulty.

Respiratory System:

As individuals age they are vulnerable to diseases such as emphysema it is a disease in which the air sacs in the lungs become damaged this can cause a shortness of breath and heart failure. Elderly individuals are also vulnerable to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease this is when there is an obstruction on the airflow such as brominates. Eminem would become upset because he could have a chance of getting these type of diseases many parts of the body such as chest muscles and lungs may reduce because they are not working properly this is because the body of the individual is becoming weaker Eminem would have a lack of confidence and also may have a decrease in his self esteem as he wouldn’t socialize much with others.

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Nervous System:

Nerve cell may begin to transmit messages more slowly and the waste products can collect in the brain tissue, as nerves cells break down this would cause abnormal structures such as plaques and tangles to form. This would affect Eminem as he would have a huge difficulty and would be hard for him communicate with others around him this would result in him having a lack of confidence as he may feel timid of his difficulties which he has to face also his self esteem would be affected s he cannot do or complete all the activates ...

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Much of this work looking at lifespan development is satisfactory. As the unit information for this work is not available, I will make general comments as to how to the work could be improved. Firstly, many of the sentences are very long. Keep them shorter and use commas more so that the ideas are more clearly expressed. It is not clear which age group this work refers to: please state this clearly. Also there were some comments such as the problem older people tend to have with wrinkles, that were not fully explained. What causes the skin to become wrinkled/lose its elasticity? Proof-read carefully to eliminate the grammatical errors present. 2/5