Unit 4, P1, development of an individual through the life stages.

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Introduction:        In this task there will be a biography of a famous person (Eminem), which will describe this in PIES developments through his life. The development is used to describe the changes that might complex and involve a change in quality such as weight, height, etc. Most of them will also include the changes between the relationships and social life and the people’s educations and future life.

TASK1:  Describe physical, intellectual, emotional and social development(“complex changes including an increase in skills, abilities and capabilities” –Stretch B and Whitehouse M (2010) pg. 134) for each of the life stages of an individual.

Infancy :  As an infant there are social and emotional development involves interaction with carers and feeling attached to them. In this stage of development  they are able to show emotions such as smiling to other when they happy and cry when they need something (attention, food, or changing nappy).  They start to recognise object and shapes and they are slowly growing up (weight, height).

Childhood:   As a child their social development becomes more interactive and fun. They start  to play with other children and they might learn the social roles and behaviours within their families and other people that are around them. They become more independent and build friendship groups based on common  interests. Children will learn to cooperate with other children learning to shear but at this stage they are still jealous about the toys and even friends. In the middle of childhood child’s body  decrease in the thickness of the fat, and changes in the general distribution, it becomes slimmer. Bones contain less cartilage, which become more rigid and stiff. Is fast muscle growth. The circulatory system develops in a continuous but slow rate, breathing becomes more economic, digestive system becomes more efficient. They still want to feel love by the parents and want to being liked by friends.

Adolescence: As an adolescence occur in teenagers a strong physical changes, it since it is basically to achieve a period of sexual maturity. Their development is stimulated by hormones. Their relationships during adolescence increases in social contact with their peers. It is to their peers, young people guided by the need for acceptance and support. In this stage of life young people are usually choosing what they want to do in future, they are gaining more experience and knowledge about future life and they slowly prepare them self for a mature life by learning.

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Adulthood:  Adults are people usually fully physical developed. They are independent in this stage of life and mature enough to live on their own. They have or still looking for a life partner to share life with. They want to find the second half of them and spend rest of the life by loving  and supporting each other, so basically to create a family. An adult have got a very responsible role to do, they need to make sure they can provide good life (also financial) for the family and taking care of the family at the same time. Activities ...

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