Unit 45 p3 - how I used resources to research a healthcare topic.

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Unit 45, p3, group 3                Kinga Boguszko

P3. Present one complex piece of work as an example to demonstrate the use of resources within own studies

This assignment will present one complex piece of work which will be a leaflet from unit 19, task P3 as an example to demonstrate and explain the use of recourses within own studies. The main recourses that will be discussed in this assignment are text books and internet.

With the aim of complete Unit 19, P3 which  had to be in the form of a leaflet. I had to explain recent demographic change within home country. As I didn’t know much enough to answer that I had to do a research. I have used a publisher which allowed me to create a leaflet. This is a programme which is designed to create different types of presentations such a postcards leaflets, and posters. Publisher can be installed into any computer or laptop and be used as recourse to aid study or for commercial usage.

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The first recourse I used to find out more about the assignment and to get the right information was the Health and Social Care Level 3, Book 2 text book by Beryl Stretch and Mary Whitehouse (2010). This text book includes lots of different units and in order to find the unit I i had to go to the index page. The index page has a list of all the units within the book and the page number the unit was on. The index page is very useful to this type of resource because it saves the time from going ...

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