Unit 5. Describe the responsibility of the practitioner in professional relationships

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E1: Describe the responsibility of the practitioner in professional relationships

The responsibilities of the practitioner concerning relationships with children would be to always maintain confidentiality so this means not talking about the children or their families to people who do not need to know. It means keeping important and valuable information about the child and their families locked up safely so that people do not have access to it. Another responsibility a practitioner has regarding the relationships with the children would be to make certain that they always listen to the child’s views and opinions on certain matters. This means if a child comes to you and says that he feels sad or any other emotion, you talk to them asking them what is making them feel that emotion. It is a practitioner’s responsibility to make sure that the child feels cared for, appreciated and listened too. It is important for the practitioner to treat children equally and with respect, however although the children should be treated equally it is also vital to value diversity which means understanding that children don’t all have the same beliefs and educational requirements and you as a practitioner should respect this and provide the needs they require. The responsibilities of a practitioner relating to colleagues and other professionals are to ensure that they work as part of a team, which means taking in everyone’s opinion on a matter and respecting them all equally and ensuring that all members of the staff are doing their fair share of work and not giving all the workload to one person only. It also means not discriminating against colleagues because of race, gender, disability or religion. It means that the practitioners can express their feelings and thoughts towards other staff without unpleasant feelings.

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E2 Discuss TWO (2) issues which contribute to maintaining professional relationships with children and adults

Communication is an important issue which contributes to maintaining professional relationships because creating an environment where parents and children feel comfortable enough to communicate with you about anything, whether good or bad is vital to ensure that the children get the most out of their experience in the setting. Without up to date information we would not preserve friendships and gain information. Being able to communicate efficiently with other professional’s benefits the child immensely and also supports them. Children can pick up on bad relationships ...

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