Unit 6 task 4 -An example of the chain of infection.

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Unit 6 Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care Task 4 M3 linking task to theory I observed an example, when my tutor showed up what you would do in a workplace if there had been a spillage that may cause infection to service users and staff.  She used the example of a hospital corridor where something such as body fluid was spilt on the floor by a service user, the first thing she did was assess the risk that would occur if not correctly dealt with as if not planned correctly such as using the correct equipment ie. Apron, gloves, disinfectant, the infection could be spread from the primary area to the individual who is cleaning it up.  Other things you need as well is a clinical waste bag so it is disposed of properly and no infection is spread further, paper towels to absorb spills, and hand sanitizer if you are not near enough to a vicinity that has a sink and hot water.  Next she explained the next act which is
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the procedure that you must go through with care, the first thing is after you have spotted the spill is to put a sign out while you go to gather the equipment you need to safely remove the hazard. When you have collected all the correct equipment that you need, put on the protective gloves and apron, to make sure that when you are dealing with the spill you don’t get it on your clothes and spread the germs. Then place paper towels over the spill to absorb it and don’t spread it further over the infected area, make sure ...

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