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Why is it important to maintain standards of hygiene

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Tehmina Khan HYGIENE ASSIGNMENT TEHMINA KHAN ISSUE DATE: 24-Sep-02 HAND IN DATE: 01-Oct-02 (1)a) WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO MAINTAIN STANDARDS OF HYGIENE? It is the duty of a therapist to her clients to maintain hygiene standards in a salon. In order to stop any cross infection she must ensure that the equipment, premises and all materials used for a treatment are kept germ-free and all sanitary rules are followed. This not only builds up the client's confidence in her service but also ensures safe and better results. b)WHAT ARE THE PROCEDURES FOR AVOIDING CROSS INFECTION? Cross infection occurs directly either by personal contact or indirectly through contact with a contaminated article. In order to avoid cross infection, the following steps should be followed:- - Recognize the signs of infection. - Avoid contact with infected person that may put you or your clients at risk. - Always cover any cuts on your hands. - Treatment area should be regularly sanitized. - Provide clean gown and towels for each client. ...read more.


It takes between 11 - 15 mins to sterilize in an auto-clave. You should always use distilled deionised water. c) HOW WOULD YOU SANITISE YOUR HANDS? I would sanitise my hands by washing them with anti-bacterial soap that is kept in a dispenser bottle using a nail brush for scrubbing and drying with disposable paper towel or hot air hand dryer. (3)a) WHAT ARE THE HYGIENE REGULATIONS FOR THE SALON? The hygiene regulations for the salon are as follows:- - All surfaces and equipment in the salon should be sanitized daily. - The salon should have up to date sterilizing equipment. - Couch should be covered with disposable paper sheets. (Disposable products should be used wherever possible.) - Clean towels and gowns should be used for each client. - Hands should be washed before and after each client. - Spatulas should be used to remove cream from containers - Lids should be kept on jars and bottles containing creams and lotion to avoid contamination. - Therapists should pay attention to personal hygiene/ wear clean overalls/gloves etc. ...read more.


(4) WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO EXPLAIN HYGIENE PRECAUTIONS TO CLIENTS? It is very important to emphasize on hygiene precautions you follow in the salon to your clients as it presents a hygienic, professional and caring image. They should be told about cross infection and contamination of products. You should proceed to wash your hands and wearing of gloves in front of them to build up their trust in your service. When you explain the hygiene precautions to clients it gives them confidence in your service. No person knowingly goes to an unhygienic place for a treatment - it builds up your business, as they begin to trust you they are likely to mention your hygiene standards to others and recommend you. (5)a) WHAT ACTIONS DO YOU TAKE IN THE CASE OF A CLIENT BLEEDING (minute) ? - Wear gloves. - Swab the area with damp cotton wool/wrap and dispose off waste straight into the bin. - Make a note on client's record card. b) WHAT IS THE CORRECT WAY TO DISPOSE OF CONTAMINATED WASTE? - Wear gloves. - Throw waste into a lined bin during the treatment , later wrap and tie it up and throw it into the main bin. 1 ...read more.

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